Affiliate Quick Start

Note: If you aren’t an affiliate yet and would like to become one, you can submit your info here

1. Welcome to your affiliate dashboard!

Here you will see all the transactions that take place with the users you sign up.


2. Getting your tracking link

From the dashboard, if you scroll down, you will see a ‘Tracking Link‘ section on the bottom right. From the ‘Offer‘ dropdown select ‘Zendrop Signup‘ and you will see your tracking link on the bottom.


In the ‘URL’ dropdown, if you select ‘Base Destination URL,’ you will get the tracking link for the register page of the app


In the ‘URL’ dropdown, if you select ‘Zendrop Sales Page,’ you will get the tracking link for the sales/landing page of the app

3. Reporting

Under ‘Reporting‘ on the main menu, you can run a report on the ‘Offer‘ to get the total clicks and revenue.


You can also run a report on ‘Conversion‘ to see every single signup and product sale transaction.


Make sure to add columns Adv1, Adv2, and Adv3 to the Conversion report table if you want to see every user’s name, email, and plan:


Good luck! The Zendrop Team ❤️