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Get Weekly Coaching From the Sebbs & Free Fulfillment For First $1,000* In Sales...
I Want The Secret Weapon
To Win Up To $110,000
Even first time dropshippers can win the monthly grand prize and participate in weekly raffles. All you need is…

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This Is Your Best Shot At Winning Up To $110,000 and Finally Stepping Into The Life Of Luxury You Deserve – All For Just $39 on Zendrop PLUS.
BONUS: Get Weekly Coaching From the Sebbs & Free Fulfillment For First $1,000* In Sales...
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Time is ticking. Each day you hesitate is another day for someone else to snatch that $110,000 from your hands. This is your best chance to break free from a life of mediocrity. Don’t wait.
I Want The Secret Weapon
To Win Up To $110,000

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Imagine Driving a Car During a Marathon.

The Challenge Is the Marathon. Zendrop Plus Is a Porsche…

Sebastians Ghiorghiu and Esqueda here,

Using Zendrop Plus is like using a cheat code for getting sales and maximizing your chances to win up to $110,000.
Dropshippers using Zendrop Plus are 8x more likely to make a sale than free users. And on average, Zendrop Plus Dropshippers made 100x more sales than free users.

For this challenge, we’re partnering with Zendrop to give you whatever it takes to succeed…

  • $300 in order credit for free fulfillment on your first $1,000* in sales (more on this in a bit)
  • A VIP fastlane to the finish line with free access to Zendrop Academy and Free weekly coaching from us, the Sebbs
  • Ready-to-ship, automatic fulfillment for orders
  • And your best bet to win up to $110,000 and break into luxury living
Zendrop is giving new Plus users $300 in order credit so that you can get your first $1,000 in sales for FULL profit.

That’s $1,000 in your pocket. No vendor costs. No shipping. No middlemen, and here’s how:

When you dropship an item, it’s recommended that you sell it for around 3X what you paid the vendor. For example, if the dropship vendor charges me $10 for a phone case, I’ll sell it to my customers for $33.
So that’s $300 in merchandise that I’ll turn around and sell for around $1,000.
Zendrop will cover you for whatever you owe the vendor and the shipping company so you can keep that money or put it back into your store. On top of that, Zendrop will take care of all the administrative and logistical time wasters so you can focus on the more important tasks that come with dropshipping. 

Zendrop Plus takes care of everything, including…

  • Sourcing quality products from reliable producers with ultra fast shipping
  • Identifying winning items before anyone else so you can maximize profits
  • Less than 24 hours source time so you never miss a hot trend
  • Competitive prices so you can get the most bang for your buck
  • Custom branding so your items look just as good as a major retailer’s
  • Chargeback assistance so you can keep every penny you earn
  • Full refund within the first 5 days, no questions asked

While Everyone Else Is Using the Free Zendrop Plan to Slowly Jog Toward the Finish Line...

You could be cruising past at 160mph, blasting past them and easily leaving them in the dust.
If they make $10 in sales, you could be making $1,000 in sales.
If they make $100, you could be making $10,000.

Punch Through Obstacles That Could Have You Stuck For Weeks

During our weekly coaching for Zendrop Plus users, we’ll be giving you exclusive tips and tricks to give you answers to difficult problems and accelerate your success 

That means…

  • Wasting less time and money on ads because you didn’t know how to run them properly
  • Throwing away less money by knowing how to avoid bad products that won’t sell
  • Not getting ghosted by bad suppliers when you have orders to fulfill
  • Knowing how to get the best shipping times and shippers
  • Getting chargebacks, scams, and fraudulent purchases resolved in your favor
  • Figuring out how to solve technical issues with Shopify and other platforms before they occur
  • And getting solutions to uncommon problems that might take you weeks to diagnose and fix

In Short, Just $39 Can Get You…

  • $1,000* in your pocket that you can use to grow to thousands of dollars in revenue,
  • A fastlane to the finish line that’ll make you a favored candidate for winning up to $110,000,
  • The cheat code to building a 5 or 6 figure dropshipping store that you can recreate again and again.

There’s no guarantee, but when an opportunity rolls around offering you…

  • $1,000 in order fulfillments and shipments
  • Focused coaching to keep you moving forward
  • Up to $60,000 in weekly raffles
  • And up to $50,000 in performance-based prize money

You have to try...

There will never be an opportunity like this that gives you so many resources dedicated to your success.
This is your best shot at more than winning a random weekly raffle.
This is your chance to unlock dropshipping, build a store that makes profitable revenue, and give you a chance to win up to $110,000.

The World's Best Dropshippers
Love Zendrop

Care Shack

Zendrop has been amazing. Every time I've had questions about products, I've received PROMPT assistance and the staff is very knowledgeable. They've really made it easy for me to open my first Shopify store. I've ordered a couple samples from them, and even the prices are good enough for my profit margins.

Night Bloom Beauty

Everything that they say about shipping times and re-packaging items is correct. I'm so glad that I chose to go with Zendrop. They really understand your needs and have put systems in place to help with that.

Patriot Porch

Zendrop is absolutely fantastic! I got the Plus plan and I love the big selection of products available, plus the ability to import any other product from AliExpress! The automated fulfillment connected to my Shopify store makes the whole process automated- excellent! Also the Zendrop Academy training videos have a ton of info to help you succeed.

Gemstone Pyramid

Zendrop rocks - customer service is next level and it actually makes the fulfillment side of things fun and easy. Special thanks to Dallas and the support team who reply in depth, and quickly!


I recently started my dropshipping business and stumbled upon Zendrop, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for me! As a newbie in the e-commerce world, I was looking for a reliable and efficient app to help me streamline my dropshipping operations, and Zendrop exceeded my expectations in every way.

BLOC Wheels

I'm new to drop shipping and Zendrop have made it really easy to import products to my first store. They have a huge range of products which has also inspired me to come up with new ideas for future stores. They also have auto fulfilment service built into the system which is great...and there is much more they have to offer on top of these. Two thumbs up from me.

Ezra Coleman

I'm brand new to drop-shipping, and Zendrop made it just that much easier to start. They have great quality product with very decent pricing. I look forward to upgrading my plan with them to be able to use all its features very soon.


So far Zendrop has been doing an amazing job at helping me grow my business. Their customer service is also great as they'll help you with anything and make sure your problems get resolved smoothly.

Ano Junior

What easier way to select the best products based on market analysis. Easily Scale products and outstanding Customer Service. UI is very user friendly, and I could literally go on and on. The best out and definitely has the tools to take me to my 7 figure goals!

Matt Lienhard

It's mind-boggling how easy it is to use this app. They literally take the difficult tasks of running a business and make it so simple that ANYONE can do it.


We offer a 100% no-questions-asked 05 Day refund policy. If you don't like our product for whatever reason. Just contact our team and we will refund you NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Feedback for refund will be a bonus but completely OPTIONAL.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Zendrop Plus $300 order credit and $1,000 fulfillment in sales?
Order credit gets applied to the cost of sourcing a product from Zendrop. For this challenge, new Zendrop Plus users will receive $300 in order credit (normally $100) they can use toward sourcing merchandise. On average, it’s recommended that users sell their products at 3x the price given to them by the vendor. Used properly, $300 in order credit can result in $1,000 (or more) in sales.
How do you enter the Dropshipping Challenge?
Anyone can enter the Dropshipping Challenge completely for free on the main page. However, people who use Zendrop Plus are significantly more likely to win.
What is Zendrop Plus, and how does it help in the Dropshipping Challenge?
Zendrop Plus is a premium plan offering unique advantages such as $300 in order credit, fast shipping, access to 1M+ products, access to a trend finder, and weekly coaching from the Sebbs.
How does Zendrop Plus increase my chances of winning up to $110,000?
Zendrop Plus users enjoy 8x higher likelihood of making a sale and on average, make 100x more sales compared to free users. This significantly boosts your chances of winning the grand prize.
What are the prize structures like for the Dropshipping Challenge?
The Challenge will be ongoing for 90 days. During which time, participants may enter the weekly raffles completely for free (please refer to the main page for details). There will also be performance-based prizes in the sum of $10,000 - $15,000 - $25,000 to be awarded every 30 day period based on most profitable revenue.
What is the Zendrop Plus $300 order credit and $1,000 fulfillment in sales?
Order credit gets applied to the cost of sourcing a product from Zendrop. For this challenge, new Zendrop Plus users will receive $300 in order credit (normally $100) they can use toward sourcing merchandise. On average, it’s recommended that users sell their products at 3x the price given to them by the vendor. Used properly, $300 in order credit can result in $1,000 (or more) in sales.
Are there any guarantees of success with Zendrop Plus?
While there's no absolute guarantee of success, Zendrop Plus significantly enhances your chances of winning by providing essential tools, resources, and expert guidance.
What if I change my mind after subscribing to Zendrop Plus?
Zendrop offers a full refund within the first 5 days of subscribing, with no questions asked, ensuring a risk-free trial for new users.
I Want The Secret Weapon
To Win Up To $110,000
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