eComm Accelerator

Hands-On Certification Program

What is it?

The eComm Accelerator is a 4 week intensive live training and certification program that takes you through the entire process of building, marketing, and maintaining your eCommerce business, step by step.

Who is it for?

The eComm Accelerator training program is for individuals who want to learn to build an eCommerce business from the ground up and who can invest between 3-5 hours per week for the next 4 weeks.

How Does it Work?

The eComm Accelerator program will consist of 10 live training sessions, teaching you every single aspect of creating a successful eCommerce business. This program will cover 4 components:

Building a Shopify Website

Sourcing Products to Sell

Learning to Sell with Digital Marketing

Scaling Your Business

Live Training Sessions led by
top eCommerce experts

Session 1 - Friday, October 22 ( Time 1 pm EST )

State of E-Commerce:
During this session, we will look at the $9.7 trillion ecommerce market and how to take advantage of this opportunity. You will learn different eCommerce business models (including Dropshipping) and how to create success for your business.

Session 2 - Monday, October 25 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Building Your eCommerce Store
During this live session, attendees will learn how to create their own Shopify store. Few topics covered include picking the right store templates, picking products, configuring payment gateway and configure the back end and optimize the Shopify store for generating traffic. We will also cover how to create categories, product level pages and perform basic conversion optimization. A must attend session!

Session 3 - Wednesday, October 27 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Finding Winning Products to Sell:
Products can make or break your success in the ecommerce world. In this session, you’ll learn from a top 7 figure ecommerce entrepreneur on how to pick trending products, the tools you need and the strategies to test your winning products to sell. This is one live training you do not want to miss!

Session 4 - Friday, October 29 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Facebook Ads Optimization:
Some of the top ecommerce sellers generate about 70% of their revenues from Facebook ads. In this session, you will learn the in’s and out’s of Facebook ads including audience targeting, product testing, account structure, A/B testing, MVT and much much more. You will also learn about Facebook Marketplace and how to create product listings.

Session 5 - Monday, November 1 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Social Advertising:
Learn social advertising optimization on TikTok, Google Ads and Instagram. During this session, you will learn the top tactics ecommerce stores employ to get the highest ROAS. We will also cover tools that help you maximize productivity and automate your advertising workflows.

Session 6 - Wednesday, November 3 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Email Marketing:
Email Marketing is the oldest marketing tactic but is still one of the most powerful tactics when implemented correctly. In this training session, you will learn how to pick the right platform, balance transactional and promotional emails, create capturing mechanisms, autoresponders, automation rules and much much more. A power packed hour of learning!

Session 7 - Friday, November 5 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Organic Growth through SEO and Content Marketing:
SEO & Content marketing are like two peas in a pod. When implemented correctly, the long term organic traffic through SEO can reduce the reliance on paid traffic. In this power packed session you will learn the in’s and out’s of SEO and how to combine the power of content to drive sales through your organic channel.

Session 8 - Monday, November 8 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Social Media Marketing for E-Commerce:
In this hour, you will learn how to build a social media community and leverage the power of communities to drive ecommerce sales. You will learn how to plan your social postings, create content, engage communities and measure ROI through Social Media.

Session 9 - Monday, November 10 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Building Your Customer Support Department & Legal:
During this session, you will be learning from a top eCommerce CPA on how to set-up your corporation, staying on top of accounting, and finding the right IRS deductions for taxes.

Session 10 - Wednesday, November 12 ( Time 1 pm EST )

Expanding Sales Through Amazon:
Amazon is the giant in the ecommerce world and sellers can scale tremendously through Amazon’s Marketplace. Learn the in’s and out’s of Amazon selling including listing tools, FBA, winning products on Amazon, sourcing, listing optimization and much much more. A session not to be missed!

Your eCommerce Experts & Teachers

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank

Jared Goetz
CEO of Zendrop

Bob Tripathi
CMO at Zendrop

Kennedy Meek
Social Media Marketing

Gregory Cooke
Shopify Expert

Brad Loeffler
COO at Zendrop

Chris Riviera
eCommerce Accountant

Florian Hartfelder
7 Figure Dropshipper

How Does the eComm Accelerator Work?

Our eCommerce ALL ACCESS Certification Course is designed to guide attendees through the program by leveraging weekly mentoring calls, 24/7 support, and our customized course syllabus.
  • 1
    Live Training Classes

  • 2
    Q & A

  • 3
    10 eCommerce Expert Speakers

  • 4
    24/7 Support

  • 5
    Hands-on eCommerce Project

  • 6
    Members Only Area

  • 7
    1-on-1 Mentoring Calls

  • 8
    Community Collaboration

Certification Syllabus

The eComm Accelerator ALL ACCESS Certification will enable attendees to work on a hands-on project as you learn through our live training sessions, pre-recorded training videos and through many other resources. We will provide a weekly assignment on a piece of a project with a goal of coming up with a final project dissertation presentation at the end of four weeks.

Week 1 - eCommerce Strategy & Store Building

During this week you will learn to create strategy for your eCommerce store. You will create store branding and learn how to build a Shopify store including building templates, product pages and more.

Week 2 - Sourcing Winning Products

This week you will learn how to pick trending products from Zendrop Product Finder, populate Shopify, build out product pages and create product worksheets. You will also learn how to set up your email marketing platform.

Week 3 - Digital Marketing & Advertising

In this phase, you will set up your Facebook ads, Google ads, set up and build social community. You will pick the winning products and create testing methodologies for social advertising.

Week 4 - Scaling Your eCommerce Business

In this final phase, you will learn to scale your eCommerce store by populating products, creating P&L worksheets, managing customer expectations and much more.

Final Project Presentation

You will present your eCommerce store to a panel of judges who will give you direct feedback on how to improve and further scale your store!

Get access to eComm Accelerator Certification Workshop

All ACCESS Certification Workshop Pricing

  • 10 Live Sessions
  • Free Zendrop PRO (3 months)
  • ZD Product Finder (3 months)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Weekly Mentoring Calls
  • Exclusive Members Only Area
  • $100 Zendrop Order Credit
  • Certificate of Completion

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But that’s not all….as part of this Live Training you also get Free Bonuses!

  • Bonus # 1 (Worth $150)

    ZD Product Finder

  • Bonus # 2 (Worth $150)

    Free Zendrop PRO Membership

  • Bonus # 3 (Worth $100)

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    Weekly Mentoring Calls

  • Bonus # 6 (Worth $1000)

    Exclusive Members Area

Get Access to eComm Accelerator Certification Workshop

All ACCESS Certification Workshop Pricing

  • 10 Live Sessions
  • Free Zendrop PRO (3 months)
  • ZD Product Finder (3 months)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Weekly Mentoring Calls
  • Exclusive Members Only Area
  • $100 Zendrop Order Credit
  • Certificate of Completion

Early Bird

Until 10/17



Until 10/22


You’ll achieve more in 4 weeks than most people achieve in a lifetime!!