Is Dropshipping Dead?

9 to NEVER Ep. 11 | Florian Hartfelder – Multiple 7 Figure Dropshipper

Florian Hartfelder is an eCommerce expert who was able to go from debt to over $444,000/month with his dropshipping business.

He is the online entrepreneur behind several multimillion-dollar retail brands and has helped many students generate self-sustaining full-time incomes online with the dropshipping business model he teaches.

He is a former Zendrop Select client turned Zendrop team member, bringing so much knowledge to the current state of the dropshipping industry and how you can succeed through using Zendrop!

This episode discusses Florian’s view on dropshipping courses (are they worth it?), the single advertising strategy that got him to 7 figures a year in revenue, his experience working with Zendrop, and what he thinks the future of dropshipping will look like. And of course, he answers the age-old question: Is Dropshipping Really Dying?

If you’re ready to get some inside information from an extremely successful drop shipper, this episode is for you!