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  • Optimized Shopify Website Built For You
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  • 20 Proven Viral Products Added To Your Store
  • Live Weekly Coaching and Education
  • Automated Fulfillment Systems
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Get A Prebuilt Shopify Store For Free!

Optimized Shopify Website Built For You

  • 20 Proven Viral Products Added To Your Store
  • Engaging Copywriting For Each Product
  • Imported Reviews With Photos To Build Credibility
  • ​Animated GIFs To Tell The Story Of Your Product
  • ​Mobile Responsive Version Of Your Site
  • ​Page Load Speed Optimization To Improve Conversions
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50% Off Price Drop for 1 Month

  • ​We're Removing The Paywall In-front Of Success
  • Get 50% Off Your First 3 Months
  • $39/mo For 3 Months, $79/mo After That
  • Limited Time Offer
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$200 in Order Credits

  • ​For use to fulfill any of your orders through the Zendrop Platform!
  • This means as you get orders in your store, you're able to use the 200 in Order Credits to fulfill $600 to $800 in orders without any costs!
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Sourcing + Fulfillment Solution

  • Partner With Us to Source ANY Product
  • Streamlined Product Refund Process
  • Never Worry About Supplier Running Off With Your Money
  • Get Priority Treatment As If You Were A Partner
  • Expedited Delivery Times Included
  • Trusted Supplier For New Products
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Trending Product Software

  • Proprietary Software For Automating The Process Of Finding New Trending Products
  • New Products Added Weekly Automatically
  • Built Into Your Dropship/Order Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Pre-Vetted Suppliers For New Products
  • Save Hours Of Manual Research On Tiktok and Instagram
  • Test New Products Quickly To Move Forward Faster
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Automated Order Fulfillment

  • Save Hours Per Day Fulfilling Orders Manually
  • Orders Are Fulfilled Automatically As Soon As Payment Is Submitted
  • Built Into Your Drop Automation Dashboard
  • No More Order Backlogs
  • Streamline Your Dropship Workflow
  • Save Money On Virtual Assistants For Manual Tasks
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Zendrop Academy Courses

  • Access To Hundred Of Hours Of Marketing Courses
  • Learn Organic Strategies Previously Used To Gain Millions of Views (With No Spend)!
  • Learn Paid Strategies To Get Started
  • Discover Advanced Paid Marketing Tactics To Get An Edge
  • Scaling Solutions For Larger Stores
  • Exclusive To Zendrop Plus Users
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Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Meet Every Week
  • Ecom Expert Thomas Murphy
  • Learn Strategies Being Used Right Now
  • How To Make Products Go Viral
  • How To Leverage Tiktok To The Max
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Weekly Office Hours

  • Get Unstuck Quickly So You Can Progress Faster
  • Bring Your Work In And Discuss With A Coach
  • Get Real Time Answers To Your Questions
  • Meet With Thomas Murphy To Discuss Your Strategy
  • Be Held Accountable For Your Success
  • Correct Mistakes Early And Scale Faster
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The Zendrop Community

  • Get Real Time Responses From Community Members
  • Discuss Your Progress With Other Dropshippers
  • Get The Community To Solve Problems For You
  • Post Your Wins And Show The Team
  • Get Feedback On Products Before You Launch
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You're Going To Get Instant Access To The 
Zendrop Academy Library Of Courses... FREE!

Here's a sneak peak of just the first few modules of our Facebook Ads course:





Phase Preview


Everything you need to know to get your Facebook page dialed in, and your ads up and running.

How To Setup Your Facebook Page

Getting the frontend of your brand dialed in.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads System

Getting familiar with Facebook Ad Manager, the dashboard where you set up your ads.

Installing your Facebook Pixel

Setting up tracking and ad attribution so you have reliable conversion data.

Facebook Ads Fundamentals

The basics of getting your first ads up and running.

Organizing Your Campaigns

Organizational tools used by agencies to easily categorize ad sets and campaigns.

The Facebook Ad Auction

Exclusive content only for Zendrop Academy Users.

Phase Preview


Learn how to leverage the algorithm to bring your ads to more people, cheaper.

Facebook Algorithm [Time]

Learn about how the algorithm learns over time, and how long you need to let campaigns accumulate data for.

Facebook Algorithm [Bid]

How to adjust bid to get your ad infant of just the right amount of people. More isn’t always better.

Facebook Algorithm [History & Creative Type]

Learn what types of creatives to use on Facebook to have the algorithm favor showing your ads.

Facebook Algorithm [Quality]

Learn how the quality of your content is scored, and how it impacts your cost structure.

Facebook Algorithm [Engagement]

Learn how to leverage likes and comments to lower your ad costs.

Facebook Algorithm [Competition]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Phase Preview 3


Our proprietary advanced strategies for Zendrop Academy Users only! Join Zendrop Plus to get FREE instant access to Zendrop Academy, and these secret ad strategies.

Testing Method #1 [explained]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Testing Method #1 [hands on]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Testing Method #2 [explained]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Testing Method #2 [hands on]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Testing Method #3 [explained]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Testing Method #3 [hands on]

Exclusive content for Zendrop Academy users only!

Phase Preview


The information that's usually behind a $5,000 paywall, on a silver platter, included for free with Zendrop Plus. These strategies helped me grow my dropship website from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000/year.

5 Scaling Strategies

Learn proven models that have been used to scale stores from 0 to 7 figures in less than 60 days.

6 Manual Bidding Strategies

learn advanced strategies on how to adjust bids manually to refine your cost per purchase.

Scaling Adsets Out To See Deeper

Having a forest, not the trees, perspective is important in ad strategy. We’ll show you how to see the big picture.

Custom Audiences, Look-a-Likes, & Intersecting

How to multiply the benefit of the data you purchase through ads by creating large “look-a-like” audiences that behave just like your current converting customers.

Shopify Customer List Export

How to bring your customer data out of Shopify, and into other platforms.

How To Turn a Loser into a Winner!

Retargeting campaign specifics to generate revenue from lists of people who clicked, but didn’t buy.

"Zendrop Plus' Is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Become A Consistently Profitable Dropshipper... Period" - Adrian P.

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The Observer

These are the type of people who are always searching for the new hot opportunity but, when faced with one, they find an excuse to not take and action... And end up just observing the success of the others who decided to take action on the same opportunity they missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zendrop Plus Details

Why are you better than AliExpress™?

When ordering through AliExpress™, you’re dealing with layers and layers of middlemen, causing very high pricing and leaving you with very little profit margins to work with. Along with that, AliExpress suppliers often take 5-10 days just to process your orders. Zendrop deals directly with suppliers and manufacturers to get you the best rates possible, leaving you with plenty of margins to work with, and Zendrop’s suppliers process orders within 1-2 days to ensure the absolute fastest shipping times.

Do I have to buy inventory ahead of time?

You do not! One of the best parts of the dropshipping model is that you need to hold ZERO inventory. Once you make a sale, Zendrop handles 100% of the product fulfillment for you.

How does Zendrop integrate to my Shopify™ store?

Zendrop is a simple plugin that integrates directly into your Shopify store. With a few clicks, Zendrop will be fully enabled to fulfill all of your orders.

How does tracking work?

Once an order is placed on Zendrop, as long as you fulfill it, a tracking code will be uploaded to the product as soon as it is processed. This tracking number will also be given to Shopify via our API so that your customers are notified of their tracking number when it is available. As long as you haven’t changed the default shipping notification settings in Shopify, your customers will receive those confirmation emails like clockwork.

How can I customize my packaging?

We have the ability to customize any part of your delivery package, even including your product and private-labeling any products.

How do I know your suppliers are trustworthy?

This question is WHY we created this platform. CEO and Founder Jared Goetz scaled several multi-million dollar dropshipping stores after finding reliable suppliers. We build Zendrop so dropshippers have a platform they can rely on.

Can I test products before I sell them on my store?

Absolutely! Not only can you place sample orders for yourself to see if products meet your requirements, or are exactly what you are looking for, but you can also order samples for your customers. If ordering samples for yourself, this is a great way for you to create video creatives before you start selling the product.

Can I create product bundles?

You sure can! Instead of selling a single product, our product bundle feature gives you the ability to combine products together to form the perfect bundle, and you can even assign those same bundles to a subscription box.

Can I switch a product I am selling now to a Zendrop product?

Yup! The Override feature will easily allow you to switch out a product you are currently selling from another supplier (i.e. AliExpress or Oberlo) with the one you’ve found on Zendrop.

How do my customers get their products?

All you need to do is worry about selling the products, the rest is easy! Sit back, and let us handle the logistics. Set your orders to fulfill automatically, and as soon as the orders process, your dashboard will populate the tracking numbers for you automatically.
Prebuilt Store Details

Is the store prebuilt? 

Yes each store we offer is prebuilt, meaning it's a template for you to build off of and shouldn't be considered a "done for you business". We are building a ready to use website for you, not a business.

How many products will I get on my store?

All our stores come pre-implemented with 20 Products.

How will I be able to use the Shopify Store as my own?

Within minutes of placing your order, you will receive an email from us with your store login credentials, as well as a FREE tutorial on the next steps to take to make the store all yours!

What other fees are associated with this?

The only other thing that you have to pay for is hosting for your Shopify store. You will get a 3 day free trial with the store, if you choose to keep it you will only need to pay $1 for the first month when hosting your website through Shopify, you can cancel at anytime and there are no contracts or other hidden fees.

What if I have my own products? Can I add them to my store?

Yes! We have a free step by step tutorial showing you how simple it is to add your own products with just a few clicks.

Will you help me make changes to my Shopify Store?

We will provide you support to help you access the Shopify store and use it. We'll also give you a step by step video guide on how to access and make changes to your store. However, if you ever need help you can email our customer success team.

Do you advertise the store for me?

We do not do any advertising for your store. However, we provide a FREE Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads Guide with every purchase.