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What is Zendrop? A Complete Introduction
June 18, 2024

If you've ever looked into dropshipping, you've likely come across many different supplier platforms. Almost everyone uses AliExpress or some other platform that plugs into the AliExpress marketplace. Such platforms consist of CJDropshipping, Autods, Zopi, DSers, and more.

But what is Zendrop and how is it any different than the platforms mentioned above? How can it benefit your dropshipping business? This article provides a comprehensive explanation of its features and why it might be the perfect solution for your dropshipping journey.

What is Zendrop?

Zendrop is a powerful dropshipping platform designed to simplify the process of managing your e-commerce business. It connects sellers directly with reliable manufacturers, automates order fulfillment, and ensures fast shipping times. With Zendrop, you can focus on scaling your business while leaving the logistics to the experts.

The platform boasts a significant emphasis on customer service, with more than 10,000 combined 5-star reviews across Trustpilot and Shopify. Given the widespread lack of customer support in the dropshipping space, Zendrop's world-class support feels like a breath of fresh air.

Zendrop vs. AliExpress

AliExpress exists as the most popular marketplace for dropshippers and general ecommerce business owners alike. The platform consists of a massive marketplace of sellers, middlemen, factories, and various vendors. This allows store owners to find pretty much anything they want to sell.

However, this is where problems may arise. The issue with AliExpress is that it lacks a certain degree of oversight and regulation. Scammers, counterfeiters, and unscrupulous middlemen roam free, looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

If a vendor were to take your money and issue fake tracking numbers, there'd be nothing you could do. Or what if a supplier sent you high quality samples, but fulfilled orders with defective products? You'd be the only one responsible for unhappy customers, refunds, and bad reviews.

This weakness extends to all dropshipping platforms that plug into the AliExpress platform. Zendrop, however, doesn't plug into the AliExpress marketplace to source products. Instead, they own a private network of vetted manufacturers. This means you can get the lowest costs on the highest quality goods at industry-leading shipping speeds.

Key Features

Since Zendrop owns their own supply chain, this gives them much more flexibility and power to provide specialized services. They provide education, pre-built stores, and coaching so that new sellers can make their first sale as fast as possible. As for existing larger sellers, they provide advanced private agent services that most competitors simply can't match.

Here is a quick rundown of their key features:

Zendrop Express Shipping:

Zendrop offers industry-leading shipping times for all users. AliExpress and related platforms can have an average shipping speed of up to 30 days. Zendrop offers an average 9-12 day shipping on most products. Fast shipping is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and competing with other dropshipping stores.

Larger sellers may also apply for the Select Program. Select members also get access to express shipping and US 3PL services, resulting in Amazon-like delivery speeds.

Nondescript Packaging and Quality Control:

All packages sourced through Zendrop undergo inspection at our warehouses. Each product undergoes quality control. They're then repacked in nondescript packaging without any Chinese lettering.

Pre-built Stores:

New sellers may request a pre-built store to fast-track their dropshipping journey. These stores come pre-loaded with 20 winning products for users to start selling. The stores are also built on a custom Zendrop theme designed to maximize sales.

Zendrop Academy:

Zendrop Plus members get access to Zendrop Academy. ZDA offers comprehensive training to help new sellers get their first sale and existing seller scale. ZDA offers video courses, live weekly coaching, store audits, and a supportive community.

Plus members are 4x more likely to get their first sale, with many members making their first dollar in as little as two weeks.


Auto Fulfillment:

One of the standout features of Zendrop is its automated fulfillment system. Incoming orders are automatically processed, saving you time and reducing errors. We'll also handle fulfillment for you, ensuring packages arrive at your customers' homes without you lifting a finger.

The logistics part of your dropshipping business pretty much takes care of themselves.

Private Labeling, Custom Branding, and Private Agents:

Select members gain access to private labeling and custom branding services. These enable users to build a unique brand identity and stand out in the market. Select members also get a dedicated account manager for advanced services that typical private agents can't provide.

Zendrop Select Program:

The Select Program offers large sellers tailored services designed to build and grow unique brands. These services include, but are not limited to...

  • Custom Quotes
  • CN 3PL
  • US 3PL
  • High-Volume Discounts
  • Exclusive Sourcing
  • Priority Fulfillment
  • Branding Services
  • Customization & Special Requests

US and CN Warehouses:

Zendrop partners with manufacturers worldwide, but it primarily ships from the US and China. This allows for a wide range of products and flexible shipping options.

Tracking Numbers:

Zendrop provides tracking numbers for all orders. This gives users and their customers peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their shipment's progress.

Customer Service:

Excellent customer experiences is a priority for Zendrop. Their support team is available to assist with any issue 24/7. Zendrop's support staff is trained in house, not contracted by a 3rd party call center. This means personalized help, a smooth English-fluent experience, and powerful agents that can directly resolve issues.

Shopify Store Integration:

Zendrop seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making it easy to add products to your store, manage orders, and track shipments. They also integrate with ClickFunnels for advanced users selling high-ticket items through a sophisticated marketing funnel.

Subscription Boxes and Product Bundles:

You can create subscription boxes and product bundles, offering customers more value and encouraging repeat purchases. Product bundles are also a great way to increase average cart value, increasing your overall profit.

How Does Zendrop Work?

Zendrop simplifies the dropshipping process in several ways. New sellers have access to services and features designed to swiftly launch stores and get sales. Existing sellers can access coaching and courses to help scale their stores, while large sellers can apply for the Select Program.

Anyone can integrate with Zendrop and take advantage of its services in just a few easy steps.

  1. Connecting Your Account: New users can get a pre-built store to customize and launch in as little as a few days. For users who already have a store, simply connect your store with Zendrop.
  2. Product Sourcing: Next, browse through our catalog and import the products you want to sell. If you can't find something you want to sell, Zendrop can source any product directly from the manufacturer. This ensures the lowest prices and highest quality.
  3. Make Sales: Zendrop Plus users can go to Zendrop Academy to access courses on customer attraction. From affordable organic strategies to more aggressive paid ads—ZDA has it all.
  4. Automated Processes: From order processing to fulfillment, Zendrop automates various tasks to free up your time. This way, you can focus on marketing and customer engagement.
  5. Shipping Times: Zendrop provides industry-leading shipping times thanks to their proprietary supply chain.
  6. Customer Experiences: By providing tracking numbers, reliable shipping, and excellent customer service, Zendrop helps improve customer experiences and satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Zendrop

Zendrop's features offer a clear path to success that other platforms might not be able to compete with. But what exactly sets it apart from other dropshipping solutions?

In summary...

Efficiency: Automated fulfillment and order processing save time and reduce errors.

Cost-Effective: Direct sourcing from manufacturers means better prices and higher profit margins.

Scalability: Zendrop's features and integrations support the growth of your dropshipping business.

Supply Chain: Ownership of key logistics allows for faster shipping and higher quality control.

Educational Resources: Zendrop Academy provides valuable insights and tips for both new and experienced sellers.

In conclusion, Zendrop is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to start or scale a dropshipping business. With features like express shipping, automated fulfillment, and excellent customer service, Zendrop makes it easier to manage your e-commerce store and deliver a great customer experience. Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your existing business, Zendrop offers the tools and support you need to succeed.

Explore Zendrop today and see how it can transform your dropshipping venture into a thriving business.

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