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Zendrop are the future as far as I'm concerned in the area of fulfillment services to the eCommerce sector. The attention to detail I have received from this company is second to none. It's not clear to me how if you deal with this company how you could be anything but satisfied.
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Zendrop has been amazing. Every time I've had questions about products, I've received PROMPT assistance and the staff is very knowledgeable. They've really made it easy for me to open my first Shopify store. I've ordered a couple samples from them, and even the prices are good enough for my profit margins. I would definitely recommend Zendrop, even if it were just for the customer service aspect!
Night Bloom Beauty
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Great product sourcing platform
Everything that they say about shipping times and re-packaging items is correct. I'm so glad that I chose to go with Zendrop. They really understand your needs and have put systems in place to help with that.
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Who is Zendrop?
We are the #1 app for Dropshippers to accelerate their growth.
Zendrop was created for the dropshipper, by dropshippers with years of experience. Knowing the reality and pitfalls of this business model, our creators have dedicated themselves to creating the best solutions, so you can focus on growing and scaling your empire!
From building the perfect store to creating the perfect shopping experience, Zendrop is here to help you every step of the way!

Common Questions

Why are you better than AliExpress™?

When ordering through AliExpress™, you’re dealing with layers and layers of middlemen, causing very high pricing and leaving you with very little profit margins to work with. Along with that, AliExpress suppliers often take 5-10 days just to process your orders. Zendrop deals directly with suppliers and manufacturers to get you the best rates possible, leaving you with plenty of margins to work with, and Zendrop’s suppliers process orders within 1-2 days to ensure the absolute fastest shipping times.

Do I have to buy inventory ahead of time?

You do not! One of the best parts of the dropshipping model is that you need to hold ZERO inventory. Once you make a sale, Zendrop handles 100% of the product fulfillment for you.

How does Zendrop integrate to my Shopify™ store?

Zendrop is a simple plugin that integrates directly into your Shopify store. With a few clicks, Zendrop will be fully enabled to fulfill all of your orders.

How can I customize my packaging?

We have the ability to customize any part of your delivery package, even including your product and private-labeling any products.

How do I know your suppliers are trustworthy?

This question is WHY we created this platform. CEO and Founder Jared Goetz scaled several multi-million dollar dropshipping stores after finding reliable suppliers. We build Zendrop so dropshippers have a platform they can rely on.

Can I test products before I sell them on my store?

Absolutely! Not only can you place sample orders for yourself to see if products meet your requirements, or are exactly what you are looking for, but you can also order samples for your customers. If ordering samples for yourself, this is a great way for you to create video creatives before you start selling the product.

Can I create product bundles?

You sure can! Instead of selling a single product, our product bundle feature gives you the ability to combine products together to form the perfect bundle, and you can even assign those same bundles to a subscription box.

Can I switch a product I am selling now to a Zendrop product?

Yup! The Override feature will easily allow you to switch out a product you are currently selling from another supplier (i.e. AliExpress or Oberlo) with the one you’ve found on Zendrop.

How do my customers get their products?

All you need to do is worry about selling the products, the rest is easy! Sit back, and let us handle the logistics. Set your orders to fulfill automatically, and as soon as the orders process, your dashboard will populate the tracking numbers for you automatically.

How does tracking work?

Once an order is placed on Zendrop, as long as you fulfill it, a tracking code will be uploaded to the product as soon as it is processed. This tracking number will also be given to Shopify via our API so that your customers are notified of their tracking number when it is available. As long as you haven’t changed the default shipping notification settings in Shopify, your customers will receive those confirmation emails like clockwork.