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    So…you might be wondering, what’s in it for you?

    Our affiliate program operates in 3 different tiers based on how quickly you start signing on clients with us.

    First 30 Days

    For any clients signed on and fulfilling through Zendrop in the first 30 days, earn 2% on all referrals for the lifetime of the client.

    First 60 Days

    For any clients signed on and fulfilling through Zendrop in the first 60 days, earn 1.5% on all referrals for the lifetime of the client.

    After 60 Days

    For any clients signed on and fulfilling through Zendrop after the first 60 days, earn 1% on all referrals for the lifetime of the client.

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    Why Choose To Promote Zendrop Select to Your Audience?

    Your Partner In High-Commission Affiliate Earnings

    At Zendrop, we pride ourselves in the exclusive, fully comprehensive, fulfillment resource systems built specifically for high volume sellers.

    Our top tier services allow dropshippers to focus less on the admin side of the business and more on scaling.

    That means more higher quality fulfillment, fast business growth and expedited shipping!

    (Not only that, but our premium tier pricing means premium commissions in your bank account!)

    It’s a win-win!

    What Sets Zendrop Select Apart?
    (And How To Explain It To Your Audience!)

    Here’s a cheat-sheet of Zendrop Select’s best-selling features…

    Dedicated Success Team

    Get access to a private customer support channel, where our success team is on hand to answer all your business questions as soon as possible. Time is money, so say goodbye to long wait times!

    Proactive Price Negotiation

    When you join Zendrop Select, you’ll be assigned a team of sourcing agents, who negotiate on your behalf, and help you find the lowest prices, every time- no hassle, no stress and no drawn-out negotiations.

    Brand Development Support

    As a high volume seller, you can turn your dropshipping store into an elevated brand using Zendrop's custom packaging and private labeling for all products on your online store.

    Faster US Shipping

    Our team will work with you to create a custom plan to import your products in bulk to our US warehouses. This means you’ll get access to fast, expedited shipping for your customers (with shipping as fast as 2 days!)

    Become an Affiliate

    Plus, when you sign up, you’ll receive an affiliate quick-start guide – to fast-track your earning potential!

    Looking For Success Stories To Share? We’ve Got You Covered!

    Our Zendrop Select Members Are Making Moves – Here’s How We’ve Helped Them Scale To New Levels Of Success

    Certified Zendrop User

    Best Sourcing/Fulfillment Available

    I love Zendrop. Not only do they have great products but they send a thank you note with my logo and contact info in every package. Also, shipping is fast AND on top of all that, if there’s a product that i want to sell that’s not already on Zendrop, there’s an Aliexpress importer!!

    Certified Zendrop User

    Simple Excellent

    Great app, great support. Overall experience fast fulfillment and fast shipping. When issues have been encountered the support team have responded quickly and helpful.
    The Light Up Cuddle Puppy

    Certified Zendrop User

    So Impressed!

    I simply love dealing with the Zendrop team! Very professional, fast and straight to the IM point replies! The service is awesome and the conditions they offer to dropshippers are the best by far! Definitely recommend!

    Certified Zendrop User

    Mind Blown!

    There's no need for any other service. And their support people are awesome and reply quickly! So happy with Zendrop.
    The Comfort Haven

    Certified Zendrop User

    Recommend! Best platform ever!

    Great customer support! Fast replies and easy to communicate with! What I really like best is the customer support but I think they can do better if we could communicate with the supplier agent through some sort of multichat so that we can also know if there are sudden updates on the products.
    Elite Fitness Gymwear

    Certified Zendrop User

    I don't usually write reviews...

    This app is a game-changer for anyone dropshipping from China and tired of angry customers who are waiting 30+ days for their product. With ZenDrop's express shipping, your customers will receive their product in 7-12 days after processing.