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5 Trending Products to Add to Your Dropshipping Store
June 21, 2021

Today, we are doing a deep dive into some of Zendrop’s coolest and newest products that we have imported onto our platform. Zendrop is adding new products to our catalog every single day. That way you, the Zendrop user, have access to the most innovative, popular, and affordable products to sell on your online store.

I did a deep stalk of Zendrop’s catalog and I found some super awesome and really interesting products that will be a good addition to your online store. We already know that the name of the game when it comes to dropshipping is testing, testing, testing. The more products we have to test on your online store, the higher percentage of success that your dropshipping business will have. Whether or not you are a newbie dropshipper or a fairly seasoned dropshipper, you should always be searching for new and trending products. I did some of that work for you and looked through the Zendrop catalog, cross-referenced it with some of the trends that I have been noticing in the e-commerce world, and I have found five awesome products I think you should consider adding to your online store.

Double Layered Transparent Skull Head Coffee Mug

There’s been an upward trend in terms of modernized kitchenware and this coffee mug definitely fits the bill. I’ve seen many ads on social media for products similar to this one. Not only that, it’s an awesome product to run really creative ads for. The number of marketing narratives and photo concepts for this product is endless! A product like this would go really well on any home decor or kitchen stores, as well as party-related stores, as this product would be really great for entertaining guests.

If you sell alcohol-related products, you can even spin this product to not only be for coffee but also to be for your alcoholic beverages. Zendrop also lists multiple variants of this product both in size and quantity.

12 Piece Cocktail Shaker Set

On the topic of alcohol and party-related products is this 12 piece cocktail shaker set. There is nothing particularly unique about this product, however, with its aesthetic design and multi-functionality, it makes for a great addition to a dropshipping store. Since we’re already in the midst of summer and the pandemic is coming to an abrupt end, individuals are becoming more social, spending more time with friends and family, and definitely drinking more alcohol. A great way to upsell a product like this would be with something like a cocktail recipe ebook or weekly cocktail recipes sent directly to your customer’s inbox. This product is an awesome way to create customer rapport and really develop a community around your brand.

Multi-Functional Wall Suction Washing Kit

These multi-functional washing kits are pretty trendy right now, as it’s a hygienic product that pretty much any customer could need or want. This product essentially allows you to hold your toothbrushes in a very hygienic way, as well as administering toothpaste, without touching the bottle. It’s really innovative and modern and sits at a really great price point. If you have a general store or a store related to hygiene, or beauty, this is an awesome product to include in your catalog.

This product also offers an easy narrative with any video content for paid ads, as you can simply demo how the product actually works and how easy it is to use. You can also go the direction of personal hygiene when it comes to running ads for this product, as it is a more clean way of storing your toothbrushes. This product also comes in multiple colors, meaning that it is not gendered so you can run a wide range of advertising to this product.

Women’s “Cloud Foam” Slippers

I have been seeing this next product all over social media for about a month now, and we have many different options on Zendrop for this product. These are the cloud foam women’s slippers. This product is typically marketed as an incredibly comfy slide that you can wear almost anywhere. Also, it comes in multiple different colors! This product comes at a really reasonable price point on Zendrop so you have a lot of space for developing your own margin on your online store.

Typically, how I’ve seen this product marketed thus far is by demonstrating the comfort and flexibility of the shoe through video creatives. Considering this product is fairly popular, any feminine-based business will benefit from importing this product onto their online store. However, I’m sure men would also really benefit or enjoy this product as well. I have not personally seen any marketing catered towards men for this shoe. But hey, if you try it out, let me know how it goes!

Digital Measuring Spoon

The next really cool product that I saw on Zendrop’s catalog is this digital measuring spoon. This is a really innovative and useful product specifically if you’re active in the kitchen. This product has many different uses, a very long battery life, and is an affordable product. This product also solves a problem because many people don’t necessarily have all of the different measuring spoons anymore. If they do, they probably can’t find them. So having a product like this is definitely helpful.

This product could even be useful for administering an accurate amount of medication if your medication is liquid. There are many different marketing narratives you can go with when it comes to marketing this product. If you have a kitchenware store, a general store, a baby store, or even a coffee store, this is an awesome product to upsell or incorporate into your catalog.

To reiterate, Zendrop is constantly adding new products to our catalog every single day because we want you to have the most innovative, modern, and recent products that are trending online right now. The more sales you make, the happier the Zendrop team is. Try adding at least one of these products to your catalog if it fits within your niche.

What other niches should I cover in terms of trending products? Let me know in the comments below, and I’m happy to scour the Zendrop catalog and find some awesome products for you to sell on your online store!

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