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Sell Your Products Directly to Over 100,000 Dropshippers

Increase your product reach by expanding your distribution channels with Zendrop. All wholesalers, manufacturers, and fulfillment warehouses are welcome to apply to be part of our Supplier Program.
What We're Looking For
Our mission is to allow e-commerce businesses to sell anything, anywhere, at any time. We want to work with suppliers that drive that mission forward with every product listed on Zendrop!
Our suppliers that achieve the greatest success on Zendrop have the ability to provide multiple benefits to our store owners.
Product Catalog
Our users are constantly testing new products on their stores. Any products you have available can be listed on Zendrop!
Import to Store
Our users aim to provide excellent customer service to their customers. So fast shipping to your designated countries is a must.
Fulfill Your Orders
Zendrop suppliers are able to fulfill orders as fast as possible and will provide excellent customer service to our users.
Ship Fast
As our users' brands start to scale, many will start white labeling their winning products. It's an added bonus if you're able to provide this, but it's definitely not necessary to become a Zendrop Supplier!
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Benefits of Selling on Zendrop

Zendrop is the fastest-growing community of dropshippers online. With over 100,000 sign ups, suppliers receive massive exposure for their products. There are many reasons why selling on Zendrop will benefit you and your brand.
Easily expand your sales channels with Zendrop.
Fast way to increase your presence online and add an additional sales channel.
Manage your existing sellers.
Complete control over pricing.
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Complete Pricing Control
You control the wholesale price that you want to sell to retailers, and the retailers will mark it up accordingly. If your product requires MAP pricing then we will enforce that.
Manage Existing Sellers
Do you already have retailers who are selling your products online? Refer these sellers to Zendrop for every new user that signs up! That way, both you and your retailers can benefit from our platform.
Fast Way to Sell Online
Zendrop's supplier portal is easy to use, allowing you to import your products quickly and efficiently. You can also continually import new products with no hassle.
Expand your Sales Channels
Zendrop has over 100,000 dropshippers that could be selling your product. Becoming a supplier is like getting a whole new sales team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about becoming a supplier on Zendrop? We definitely have the answer!

Where do I apply?

The first step to becoming a supplier on Zendrop is filling out the short form below. Our supplier relationship team will review your application, and then reach out to you with the steps to move forward once you are approved! We look forward to seeing you on the platform.

How do I get my products listed on Zendrop?

Initially, our team will do all the legwork. We will ask you to provide us a products CSV that will be used to import all your products to Zendrop and get your initial account setup.

I have filled out the Zendrop supplier application, what next?

One of our team members will review your application and get back to you within 24 hours. The next steps include – importing all your products to Zendrop via our easy-to-use format, and verifying your seller’s account so you can get paid.

Do I have to list all my products or can I list a subset of them?

You can choose the products you wish to list on Zendrop, which can be a subset of all the products you sell outside of Zendrop. You can select the products you want to offer to Zendrop and send us a CSV of these.

How do orders come in on my account?

Orders will come directly to your Zendrop account and you will receive an email notification for every order that comes in. Those orders that are fulfilled will be sent to you in one file at the end of each business day.

Is it mandatory to offer International Shipping?

Nope! You can choose where you want your products to ship, but make sure to clarify these details before getting onboard in our onboarding survey. You can restrict shipping to domestic regions too. In short, where you ship is completely up to you, we just need to know before putting your products on the platform so we have the information that we need to properly inform our sellers before they start selling your products.

How can I add my new collection to Zendrop?

Just like you added your products initially, we can add your new collection to Zendrop using your products CSV. Just send a message with the CSV for the new collection and our tech team will get those products added to your account within 24 hours.

How will I have to pack the products?

The products will have to be sent out in neutral packages. This simply means that your branding will have to be absent from the packaging- the boxes or containers must be standard ones with no promotional material of your own. Our retailers are dropshipping, and we would not want to reveal their sources.

How do I get paid?

We process all payments every Friday. This payment will be a total for all the orders that you receive in the previous week that you have fulfilled and updated with a tracking number. We use Stripe to process payments, and the payment will come directly to your bank account registered on Zendrop.
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