The Ultimate Dropshipping Resource for High Volume Sellers

As your eCommerce business scales, you need a fulfillment resource that can scale with you.
This is why Zendrop created Zendrop Select: to eliminate the stereotypical hardships of working with standard Chinese sourcing agents.

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Michael Aririguzo's Story as a Zendrop Select Client

Michael Aririguzo is the owner of multiple 7-figure eCommerce companies, all starting from the dropshipping space. He credits much of his success to the professional, efficient, and invested team he works with through Zendrop Select.

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Andro Kinghorn's Story as a Zendrop Select Client

Andro Kinghorn is a multi-7 figure dropshipper who has scaled several eCommerce businesses with the support of Zendrop Select.

Andro had several experiences with other dropshipping resources, but non compared to his incredible experience with Zendrop Select

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Florian Hartfelder's Story as a Zendrop Select Client

Florian Hartfelder is an eCommerce expert who was able to go from debt to over $444,000/month with his dropshipping business, with the help of Zendrop Select.

Gain a better understanding of what Zendrop Select can do for your business by hearing his story into multi-7 figure dropshipping.

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As Vertain Dropshippers, We Know the Pain Points of Fulfillment for High Volume Sellers

Dedicated Success Team

Join a private customer support channel with Zendrop to get all your business questions answered as fast as possible.

Brand Development Support

As a high volume seller, you can turn your dropshipping store into an elevated brand using Zendrop's custom packaging and private labeling for all products on your online store.

Proactive Price Negotiation

Take advantage of your own team of Zendrop sourcing agents for pricing lower than industry standard (even lower than public prices listed on Zendrop).

Faster US Shipping

Work with the Zendrop Team to import your products in bulk to our US warehouses for shipping times as low as 2-5 days.

We Are More Than a Fulfillment Company

As a high volume seller, Zendrop is your partner in business. We want to scale with you and transform your online store into a distinct and recognizable brand. Zendrop is committed to providing you with the best customer service, fastest shipping times, brand support, and product sourcing. We know the dropshipping model like the back of our hand, so nothing will slip through the cracks.
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See What Our Zendrop Select Members are Saying...

Aram Pogosyan

Certified Zendrop User


The support reactiveness is truely impressive no matter the time of the day! Many thanks for your help!
Harvey Heidi Brown

Certified Zendrop User

Absolutely Amazing

This is an amazing company. I have had many questions and they always answer me extremely quickly. Also if I have a concern or if I need more information on an issue they will work with you until you are satisfied.
Francesca Spadafora

Certified Zendrop User

Best App I've Ever Used

Zendrop is the best dropshipping app I have ever used. You can find so many awesome products to sell and all with quick shipping options. Customer service is also awesome. You can usually get a response immediately if not within hours Or the next business day.
Lady Lemeur

Certified Zendrop User

Best Fulfillment Option Out There!

Everything working out smoothly, fast fulfillment, fast support. I am extremely satisfied how swift they reply & act on my queries/problems. Importing products is so easy & automatically fulfilled when orders come. Thanks a lot, highly recommended.

Certified Zendrop User

BEST Support Team!

I'm always impress with the speed of response that I get from Zendrop's support team. Anytime I needed help, not only the respond is quick, but the team goes beyond my expectation and even help me discover more.

Certified Zendrop User

The Only Business Partner You Need

I use Zendrop every day to fulfill all my orders. It works perfectly as expected. The best is their customer support. They really solve all of my questions. I always find a solution to the situation, and being able to talk to someone is priceless. Thanks a lot partners!
The Comfort Haven

Certified Zendrop User

Recommend! Best platform ever!

Great customer support! Fast replies and easy to communicate with! What I really like best is the customer support but I think they can do better if we could communicate with the supplier agent through some sort of multichat so that we can also know if there are sudden updates on the products.

Certified Zendrop User

Mind Blown!

There’s no need for any other service. And their support people are awesome and reply quickly! So happy with Zendrop.
The Light Up Cuddle Puppy

Certified Zendrop User

So Impressed!

I simply love dealing with the Zendrop team! Very professional, fast and straight to the point replies! The service is awesome and the conditions they offer to dropshippers are the best by far! Definitely recommend!
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