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8 Ways to Promote Zendrop
May 26, 2021

At Zendrop, we have one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the game. If you are not already a Zendrop affiliate, click here to apply! If you are, amazing. You’re ahead of the game!

Here are 8 ways you can promote Zendrop in order to start earning passive income:

‘Top Tools’ List Within A Blog Post

Creating a list within a blog post is a simple and effective way to introduce Zendrop. You can include all your favorite marketing apps and tools you already use for your e-commerce business! When mentioning Zendrop, simply include your referral link and short description of the benefits.

In Depth Zendrop Review

Are you a Zendrop user yourself? Write a detailed review of the service and how it’s helped you grow your e-commerce business. This will ensure credibility with your audience and make them more inclined to sign-up. If you haven’t used the service, click here to sign up for an account with a 7 day free trial to our PRO Plan!

Add A Zendrop Banner To Your Website

We already have some designed for you within your affiliate profile under Assets. Don’t see the style or dimensions you want? Let us know and we’re happy to create something custom for you!

Youtube Or Tiktok Review Of Zendrop

Have a strong following on Youtube or TikTok? A video reviewing Zendrop with your custom link in the description is the perfect way to monetize your channel.

Promote On Social Media

On Instagram, you can add your referral link to your bio. If you have multiple links, use linktree to create a landing page for all of them. If you have access to the swipe-up feature, you can promote Zendrop through Stories and add your affiliate link to the image or video your users will be swiping up on!

Paid Advertising

Running paid ads for your affiliate link requires some experience. Results may be underwhelming if you are not familiar with how paid ads work, and the platforms you can advertise on are limited.

i.e. Facebook does not typically approve ads with affiliate links. So if you’re new to the digital marketing world, we suggest you use an alternative method to promote Zendrop. If you’re an ad expert, go for it!

Newsletter Blast

If you have a large email list, send a newsletter out to your subscribers letting them know the benefits of growing your e-commerce business with Zendrop.

Online Course Modules

Have an online course that talks about social media, e-commerce, dropshipping, and everything in between? Throw in a section on Zendrop and promote your link!

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