How Did This Car Vacuum Become A Winning Dropshipping Product?

Welcome back to our 'How Did This Become a Winning Dropshipping Product' series. In this series, we break down some of the most trending products for dropshipping. Our goal is to educate our users on some key factors that contribute to a successful product. If you want a more in-depth guide on how to find winning products, check out our article titled How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products in 2024.

In this entry, we’ll be analyzing the breakout success of a Wireless Car Vacuum. When a product finds success, you can never really attribute it to just one or two factors. In our article titled How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products In 2024, we list a short checklist of factors you should consider when doing product research. 

We'll be exploring some of those aforementioned factors as well as other circumstances that have allowed this product to excel. Specifically, we'll take a look at the following:

  1. Basic criteria for success
  2. Social trends as success indicators

As always, Zendrop sources this vacuum from its own network of vetted suppliers if you’d like to go ahead and check it out. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to figure out exactly why this vacuum for cars is doing so well. 

What Even is a Winning Dropshipping Product?

First things first, we need to clearly outline the criteria we’ll be looking at. A winning dropshipping product doesn’t automatically mean success. In actuality, a winning dropshipping product is a product that has a great potential to sell well. So that’s the question we need to answer today: how can we measure this product’s potential?

Many folks seem to follow this rule of “if I think it’s cool, everyone else will think it’s cool.” Don’t do this. Your personal opinion and biases are powerful tools, but they need to be trained via experience and exposure. More seasoned dropshippers will have already developed a sixth sense for products with great potential.

The five criteria we’ll be reviewing today are the following:

It’s important to note that none of these criteria are codified law. They’re more like guidelines, but that doesn’t mean they’re not helpful. You’ll find that most, if not all, winning products follow this criteria in one way or another. Another thing you’ll have noticed is that some of these skew subjective more so than objective. If this were an exact science, people would already have the ‘perfect formula’ they could use to corner the dropshipping industry. Luckily for us, this isn’t the case.

As mentioned in the Dropshipping Product Research and selecting Profitable Dropshipping Niches articles, if a product can fulfill at least three of these requirements then it clears the most basic requirement for viability. So let’s go back to the vacuum. How many of these requirements does it clear?

Does it have a “Wow” factor? In my opinion, sort of. It’s a vacuum cleaner for cars, and to me that’s not very exciting. However, I can see this product having a limited ‘wow’ factor for certain demographics. The specific model that Zendrop provides has a much slimmer design than what you’d normally expect. In fact, it kind of looks like a Dyson, doesn’t it? This similarity likely isn’t a coincidence. Chances are, this vacuum’s likeness is borrowing Dyson’s credibility to a limited extent. 

Does it solve a problem of some kind? Definitely. But maybe more importantly, it’s insanely useful. Compared to other models on the market, this particular car vacuum is much more compact. It’s more easily able to reach nooks and crannies, making it more ideal for detailing car interiors. This small distinction is key. When we consider marketing, the product with a more specific purpose will oftentimes out perform a product with a broader purpose (as well as make more money). This is why developing a specific niche is so important. For many folks, seeing a specialized purpose (like car detailing) would make them think “wow, this might be the best car vacuum cleaner.”

Does it fit into a passionate tribe? Honestly, kind of? Something like this vacuum cleaner can be marketed as a specialized tool to regular folks who want an affordable, ‘specialized’ tool. So although this isn’t a very passionate tribe, there’s certainly a market with high demand. If a customer had to choose between a $25 Generic Wireless Vac, a $40 Car Vac, or a $120 Industrial Size Interior Detailing Vac… which one do you think they’d pick?

Does it have acceptable profit margins? Let’s take a look at Zendrop’s listing for the vacuum real quick.

The baseline cost comes out to $24.78 (you want to add product cost and shipping together to get your baseline). How do you determine the profit margin? Generally speaking, the price you sell your product at is around 2-3x baseline. 2x is $49.56 and 3x is $74.34. Now to some of you, $74.34 might seem a little high, right? Who would buy a cordless vac for $74.34? To check, we can go to Amazon and do some research on prices. 

Prices range anywhere from roughly $30 to $90 – which is roughly the same range we found for our vacuum! Similarly designed products sell for around $50, so we can start with $49.99 (The .99 or .97 is a psychological trick that makes people think they’re getting a great bargain). We can decrease or increase this price as we test it to maximize purchases.

Remember, a lower price isn’t always better than a higher price. Sometimes, customers associate lower prices with lower quality products. That’s why higher baseline costs aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, they can help differentiate your product from your competitors, resulting in higher sales. Of course, this also depends on your marketing strategy as well. But all in all, the profit margin looks healthy.

Is it susceptible to customer complaints? As I’ve mentioned before, electronics have a lot of sensitive parts that can break or malfunction due to a million different reasons. Since you can’t really conduct quality control checks yourself, you’re at the mercy of your supplier. 

Vendors on Aliexpress are NOT vetted by anyone. The fact is, many vendors on Aliexpress are middlemen who’ve contracted other middlemen who’ve contracted other middlemen to source the product from some random factory somewhere. Your supplier that you just sent $10,000 to fulfill 200 orders might just disappear overnight. This is not a joke. This has happened and continues to happen on Aliexpress to this day. 

An unreliable supplier means that you won’t be able to reliably handle returns and customer complaints. It’s a big reason why Zendrop exists. We regularly tour factories in China to build a list of vetted suppliers who are reliable and held to a higher standard.

So with all that being said, we can see that this product checks at least 3 of the boxes for sure, with 2 of the boxes being a solid ‘it depends’. This doesn’t show us the whole story, by the way. All it does is tell us that this product had a great foundation for the successes that were soon to follow.

Looking at the Social Trends

So how did the world at large react to this product? To start, we’ll take a look at what Google Trends has to say. I’ve gone ahead and input five similar keywords and set the timeline to one year.

When looking at this graph, we can see that it’s largely consistent for the past 12 months. This is a great signal for us that tells us that there’s a consistent demand for this vacuum. It even remained roughly consistent during Q4 of 2023. 

But the most important takeaway is that this product’s popularity has been consistent for a very long time. 

The Tik Tok Machine

Tik Tok, and by extension YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, has the capability to skyrocket any product’s exposure via viral content. But Tik Tok specifically is positioning itself as the modern day home shopping channel. As such, it’s important to do some research on market trends on Tik Tok.

Searching up “Car Vacuum” brings up a bunch of different viral videos mostly from 2023. There are several different car vacuum models, but let’s focus on ours for the time being. After all, even though we’re competing with these other models, we can differentiate with a more specialized use case.

On this front page, there are roughly 10 or so high-engagement videos depicting vacuums similar to what we want to sell. What does that tell us?

Well for starters, the views distribution is fairly even across the board. This means that the keyword we’re using isn’t monopolized by one channel. It’s fair game for everyone, for better or for worse. Users are constantly wanting to watch videos about vacuums, and they don’t have a preconceived notion of what specific brands are better than others. This creates an environment where anyone can break into the market with a few well-crafted videos.

The downside is that this product is prone to get saturated quickly. Given enough time and effort, however, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

The main takeaway is that people like gadgets like this. In fact, I might go ahead and say that the ‘wow’ factor for this car vac is much higher than I initially thought. As was mentioned earlier, these criteria are guidelines. Don’t be afraid to make changes as you see fit.

Fortunately, none of these videos are particularly complex, which means we could reproduce similar content without much trouble. Everything could be recorded in an informal setting with your phone. It looks like all you really need to do is flash the gadget, and record yourself cleaning your car.

So Why Did This Car Vacuum Cleaner Succeed?

As we conclude this entry, let’s summarize our findings:

In essence, the Wireless Car Vacuum's success is a testament to the power of combining a well-chosen product with strategic marketing, quality assurance, and alignment with consumer trends.

As we continue to uncover the secrets behind successful dropshipping products, remember that with the right approach, understanding of market needs, and effective promotion, achieving success in the ecommerce world is within reach.

Interested in knowing more? Check out How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products in 2024.


How Did This Portable Juice Blender Become A Winning Dropshipping Product?

Welcome to the 'How Did This Become a Winning Dropshipping Product' series, your go-to source for Dropshipping Success Stories and High-Demand Dropshipping Items. In this series, we break down some of the most trending products for dropshipping. Our goal is to educate our users on some key factors that contribute to a successful product. If you want a more in-depth guide on how to find winning products, check out our article titled How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products in 2024.

Disclaimer: Finding a winning product is not the end all be all of dropshipping. Finding a product is just the starting line, you still need to learn how to sell it. An expert dropshipper can make most products a winner (in fact, there's a training video from our CEO on how to do just that, available for Plus Members). A winning product won't automatically generate a bunch of money, it simply makes it easier to get sales.

Today’s spotlight will be on this Portable Juice Blender that has caught the public’s attention for the last several months. There are a ton of reasons why this product had the odds stacked in its favor. In our article titled How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products In 2024, we mention several criteria you can use to get a preliminary estimate of your product’s potential success. We’ll do a deeper dive into those criteria so you can get a better idea of how you can apply them yourself in the future.

In this product breakdown, we'll explore the following:

  1. Basic criteria for product success
  2. Social trends as success indicators

Before we begin, Zendrop sources this blender from vetted suppliers if you’d like to go ahead and check it out. 

In this Dropshipping Market Analysis, we're focusing on a product that's become a sensation in the world of Health and Wellness Dropshipping. Without further ado, let’s dive right in to figure out exactly why this blender is doing so well. 

How to Define Trending Dropshipping Products

The first thing we want to do is outline the basic criteria for what defines a winning product. It’s important not to let your emotions and personal biases affect your perspective if you’re a beginner, since you just don’t have the experience or knowhow yet. More seasoned dropshippers will have already developed a sixth sense for products with great potential.

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned five rule-of-thumb criteria you could use to compare your product against. Three of them are somewhat subjective, two of them are more objective They were:

These criteria are essential in Dropshipping Product Research and selecting Profitable Dropshipping Niches. If a product can fulfill at least three of these requirements, then it may clear the most basic requirement for viability. However, these rule-of-thumb criteria aren't hard and fast rules. Think of them like guidelines to shape your own investigative process. So let’s go back to the fresh juice blender bottle. How many of these requirements does the blender clear? Considering the Online Retail Trends 2024, this Portable Blender for Dropshipping stands out as a Top Dropshipping Gadget.

Does it have a “Wow” factor? I’d say yes! This is a rather subjective criteria, but come on, it’s a cool little gadget. It’s not flashy, but the way it combines an everyday-carry item like a bottle with an in-the-kitchen-only appliance like a blender is pretty amazing. And more importantly, it’s fun to watch things get blended.

Does it solve a problem of some kind? The answer is yes! This criteria can also be subjective, but less so than the "wow factor". After all, a 'problem' is not as nebulous as a 'wow factor'. If you think about the type of person who would use this product, what comes to mind? Perhaps a health-conscious individual who’d love to have fresh fruit juice on hand. Or maybe a gym-goer who wouldn’t mind being able to whip up a protein shake without having to worry about clumps.

Does it fit into a passionate tribe? Well, we just mentioned health-conscious folks and gym-goers, right? People who are committed to healthy living tend to be very passionate about health. They’re likely to go to great lengths to maintain or improve their lifestyles. The more passionate they are about their 'tribe', the more likely they are to buy a solution to their problems.

Does it have acceptable profit margins? Let’s take a look at Zendrop’s listing for the juicer real quick.

Zendrop's Portable juicer sourcing costs

For the more expensive variant, the baseline cost comes out to $20.17 (you want to add product cost and shipping together to get your baseline). Now, the largest brand for these juicers is a company called Fresh Juice Blender and their cheapest model costs $49.99.

Fresh Juice Blender Price

So if we follow the same pricing scheme, that nets us a smooth 60% profit at $30. Now, this is a very ideal hypothetical scenario. In reality, we’d probably end up with around 30% profit, which is $15. Why? Because of ad spend! But make no mistake, profit is profit– and 30% is still a very respectable place to be.

Is it susceptible to customer complaints? Generally speaking, electronics have a lot of sensitive parts that can break or malfunction due to a million different reasons. Since you can’t really conduct quality control checks yourself, you’re at the mercy of your supplier. Vendors on Aliexpress are NOT vetted by anyone. The fact is, many vendors on Aliexpress are middlemen who’ve contracted other middlemen who’ve contracted other middlemen to source the product from some random factory somewhere.

Your supplier that you sent $10,000 to fulfill 200 orders might disappear overnight. This is not a joke. This has happened and continues to happen on Aliexpress to this day. An unreliable supplier means that you won’t be able to reliably handle returns and customer complaints. It’s a big reason why Zendrop exists. We regularly tour factories in China to build a list of vetted suppliers who are reliable and held to a higher standard.

So with all that being said, we can see that this product checks all the boxes. This doesn’t show us the whole story, by the way. All it does is tell us that this product had a great foundation for the successes that were soon to follow.

Looking at the Social Trends

In our exploration of Emerging Dropshipping Products, we'll delve into why this portable mixer blender became a Viral Ecommerce Product. To start, we’ll take a look at what Google Trends has to say. I’ve gone ahead and input five similar keywords and set the timeline to one year.

Portable Juicer Google Trends 1 year

Take a moment to look at this graph, what immediately stands out to you? Many beginners tend to fixate heavily on the peaks and valleys, which prevents them from accurately reading the pattern. Just so you know, a graph over a long period of time will always have peaks and valleys. Don’t fixate too heavily on those trends. Instead, look at the overall pattern.

This data is vital for understanding Ecommerce Product Trends and Trend Analysis in Dropshipping, showing us the consistent interest in Innovative Dropshipping Products.

As you can see, from Jan 29, 2023 to Oct 15, 2023, the overall trend is roughly flat. This tells us that interest in this product is consistent. It’s not on a downward trend, and it’s not volatile like a seasonal product. There’s a boost in interest toward the end of the year, which we can probably attribute to the holiday season. But just to check, let’s zoom out a little bit more.

Portable Juicer Google Trends 2 years

This graph shows us the trends from 1/1/2022 to 1/25/2024. There were surges in interest in both 2022 and 2023 around December. So we could assume, with a degree of confidence, that interest spiked during those times thanks to the holiday season. And if you go back to the previous screenshot, you can also see that the average interest is higher than before the spike.

But the most important takeaway is that this product’s popularity has been consistent for a very long time. All things considered, the portable juice blender has great potential for success, which it has achieved.

The Tik Tok Machine

Tik Tok, and by extension YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, has the capability to skyrocket any product’s exposure via viral content. Platforms like TikTok are crucial for Unique Dropshipping Ideas and can significantly influence the marketability of products in Fitness Products Dropshipping. The portable juicer is no exception. A quick search on Tik Tok for “Portable Juicer Cup” brings up a bunch of different viral videos from anywhere between 2022 and current day.

Tik Tok Screenshot of Juicer videos

But what does that say about the product’s saturation? This keyword has 5.3M views. 5.3M is neither a small number nor a big number. Just one viral video with 1M views makes up nearly 20% of all views! To me, that tells me that competition may not be that fierce. However, this is just ONE keyword. Always make sure to try different keywords and #hashtags to get the fuller picture, and don’t be afraid to use the suggested terms in the “others searched for” section as seen in the screenshot below.

Tik Tok example of "others" section

Fortunately, none of the videos are particularly complex, which means we could reproduce similar content without much trouble. Everything could be recorded in an informal setting with your phone. Reproducing the virality of these videos is a different question altogether, but that’s a conversation for another time.

So Why Did This Juice Blender Succeed?

As we conclude our analysis, it's clear that understanding the Dropshipping Business Growth and Dropshipping Success Factors is key to replicating the success of this Portable Juice Blender. The success of the portable juice blender in the dropshipping market can be attributed to a combination of factors that resonated well with the target audience. Let’s summarize these factors:

Basically, the portable juice blender checks all the right boxes. It’s a product with a solid foundation for success. Its practicality, affordability, and viral potential on social media make it a standout product in the dropshipping space. 

Remember, the key to successful dropshipping is not just about finding a product that sells but understanding why it sells and how it fits into the broader market and consumer trends. Interested in knowing more? Check out How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products in 2024.

How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products In 2024

Dropshipping in 2024 has transformed into a strategic avenue for digital entrepreneurs, tapping into a global e-commerce market that's more robust and competitive than ever. With millions of aspiring business owners looking to carve out their piece of the retail puzzle— what strategies, niches, and products are leading the charge in this crowded marketplace?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore:

Join us as we reveal how to discover the best products to dropship in 2024, ensuring your venture is not only launched but primed for success.

Want To Start Selling With a Pre-Built Store And Winning Products? Click Here To Get Zendrop's Business-In-A-Box

What Is a “Winning Product”?

Before we delve into the specifics, let's set the stage by understanding the crucial role of product selection in the dropshipping business model. It’s not just about picking any item; it's about choosing a product that resonates with your target audience and aligns with market trends.

First, the term ‘winning product’ can be a bit misleading. 

Having a ‘winning product’ doesn’t automatically mean you’ll make sales, because regardless of the product, you still need to know HOW to sell it. Simply put, a ‘winning product’ is a product that has supporting research and numbers that confer a degree of confidence in that product making a profit. It’s still extremely important to know how to identify winning products to dramatically increase your chances of success.

Every step in the dropshipping process is vital to your success, but without a product, you have no business. So it goes without saying, picking products at random will offer random results.

My suggestion? Don’t do that. More often than not, what you’ll end up with is several weeks of wasted time and hundreds of dollars in ad spend down the drain. Most products, in the hands of an expert, will find some degree of success.

For example, I have a colleague who started a new Amazon seller account to sell loofahs. By all definitions, a highly saturated product in a highly saturated market. The exact opposite of a winning product. But this guy is crushing it– want to know why? Because he knows HOW to sell it.

I tell you this because I hope that it will inspire you and encourage you on this journey. Dropshipping is by no means easy, but if you stick with it, you can even sell loofahs at a profit.

This guide is your ultimate resource for discovering the best products to dropship, tailored to the current demands of the market. Beginners will learn how to systematically choose profitable products, while intermediate dropshippers will discover potential strategies they’ve yet to try. To save you both time and money, I’ll guide you through the research process so you can pick the best products to dropship, consistently.

Consider this the ultimate beginner’s guide to market research for dropshipping.

Why You Need the Right Niche To Find the Top Dropshipping Products

Navigating the vast world of ecommerce begins with identifying your niche. This section will explore why selecting the right niche is a fundamental step in finding top dropshipping products and how it can significantly influence your business strategy.

Starting with the right niche will streamline your efforts to find the best products for dropshipping as well as inform you of viable dropshipping ideas. Never forget that dropshipping is a business. And that means that success or failure depends heavily on knowledge and information. Successful products often solve problems, appeal to emotions, or otherwise have some sort of a ‘wow factor’. 

wow factor

Ask yourself this: would it be easier for a basketball player to choose a good pair of basketball shoes, or a tennis racket? Of course, the answer is basketball shoes.

The point being, you can’t just pick a product and hope people will flock to it. Your product needs to come packaged with a brand that people can subscribe to. You have to ask yourself:

How does your product fit into your customer’s life? What problem does this solve for your customer? What desires does it appeal to? How is it different from its competitors?

Picking a niche that you’re already familiar with can help you easily answer these questions and help you find a winning product. The idea is to take what you already know and build on top of it with structured market research so you can make an informed decision regarding your online selling strategy.

Always remember, YOUR opinions and preferences DO NOT reflect the opinions and preferences of the general public.

For a more in-depth guide, read “How To Find a Winning Niche For Dropshipping In 2024

Now For The Fun Part: Picking a Winning Product to Dropship

With a clear understanding of your niche, we now focus on the criteria that define a winning dropshipping product with key factors such as problem-solving ability, emotional appeal, and profitability that can make or break your product choice.

The key here is to no overthink this step. Remember, you can even sell loofahs at a profit.

In general, here are some rule of thumb criteria to test your product against:

Keep in mind, nothing on this list is a hard and fast rule. Think of them as guidelines you can use to guide your judgements should you feel uncertain. Your product doesn’t have to check off everything on that list, but try to aim for 3 things at least.

If your product checks off at least 3 things on that list and you have a good gut feeling about it, that’s good enough for now. The following steps will help us validate that gut feeling so we can know if it’s a product worth testing.

Estimating Market Saturation and Competition

In this part, we'll guide you through evaluating market saturation and competition, using tools and techniques to assess the potential of your chosen products. Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial for carving out your own successful niche. The following steps will help you get a better idea of whether or not people will buy your product.

Many sources suggest checking Amazon Best Sellers, Trending Deals or Most Watched listings on eBay, Google Trends, or specific TikTok hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit and #amazonreviews.

Screenshot of Google trends






















And other sources still will suggest taking a look at dropshipping platforms and ecommerce retailers like AutoDS, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Pinterest as they all have public-facing trending products lists. These methods aren’t bad. With TikTok hashtags, if you see hundreds of videos for one product, you can assume that it’s probably not worth competing for. Otherwise, if you see 30 or so videos, that could be something to try out.

These outlets, however, have some glaring issues. On one hand, they’re easily accessible and free. On the other, they’re easily accessible and prone to getting oversaturated quickly. At the end of the day, you’re not really “finding” a winning product so much as picking an item off a list that your competitors and other dropshippers made. If you can find this list, then ANYONE ELSE CAN.

There are exceptions, of course. For example, Zendrop’s exclusive Trending Products list that you can only access with a Zendrop Plus membership.

Millions of people use Zendrop to source and dropship their products, meaning millions of dollars exchange hands on a daily basis. Zendrop uses their proprietary data to analyze trending products before they go viral. Since these products come from Zendrop’s catalog, it only takes a few steps to link your store, have suppliers connected, and have the product ready to sell.

Because this Trending Products List isn’t available to the general public, you don’t have to worry as much about product lifespan or oversaturation. Of course, that depends heavily on the product and niche itself, but it’s certainly better than publicly available lists. The list also updates on a weekly basis with products hand-picked by Zendrop’s product specialists. You can get access to this list (and more) with a Zendrop Plus membership.

With Zendrop Plus, you can also get weekly dropship coaching, $100 in order credits, and a bunch of other stuff. Visit this page to get the full details.

Regardless of where you pick your product from, you should always do your due diligence so you don’t get burned later on down the road. So here are some ways you can conduct the necessary research to back up your gut feelings.

Cross-Checking Against Competitors With Amazon

The first place you should check is the largest digital marketplace in the United States: Amazon.

You want to make sure that your product doesn’t have too big of a presence on Amazon since many prospective customers exhibit impulsive purchasing habits. As a result, some potential customers have likely scrolled through Amazon or other shopping catalogs, potentially exposing them to your product from a different seller. 

However, don’t be afraid of having competition on Amazon. There are more than 12 MILLION listings on Amazon, so unless there are tens of pages of listings similar or identical to your product, competition on Amazon may indicate a healthy degree of customer demand.

Let’s start by looking up your product on Amazon. Take a look at the top listings and start picking out some of the best sellers. Take note of the seller rankings, reviews, and sales to collect a handful of the big players. 

From there, grab the ASIN number off the products of each store and head on over to Camelcamelcamel checks the price history of items on Amazon, which lets you then see how well your product has been doing in the recent past.

If the price is consistent or on an upward trend, fantastic. We’re on the right track. This is just a preliminary check to see how well the product is doing on a broader scale.

If the prices have been declining, there’s a good chance it hasn’t been performing well.

And if the price trends are wavy up and down, that’s probably a seasonal product.

We want to avoid downward trending products and seasonal products so we can focus on consistent profit. Seasonal products are time-gated and usually hyper competitive given the high potential for profits. As such, I do not recommend these products for beginners.

Cross-Checking Against Competitors With Ads

We can try to guesstimate market demand by cross-checking against TikTok Ads and Meta ads. This isn’t an exact science as the results depend heavily on the product and niche itself.

In general, active ads that have been running for a long time usually indicate that the business is turning a profit. This can be a good indicator that your product is worth going in on, but you must always exercise a certain degree of caution.

Go ahead and visit and You can either search up your competitors or use keywords related to your product. This should show you a list of running ads that you can use for inspiration and educational purposes.

Consider the following questions to ask yourself:

How many businesses are running ads for this product?

Do these businesses have a long history of running ads for one product?

What sort of creatives and copy are these ads employing?

After all this, we’re still generally operating off of ‘elevated gut feeling’. There aren’t a whole lot of hard figures we can leverage to back-up our products, yet. However, your research should give you a much clearer picture of whether or not your product is worth testing even further.

If by this time you’re still unsure, then hopefully this next section where I walk you through measuring customer demand will shed some light.

Measuring Customer Demand With Organic Social Media

Why guesstimate customer demand when you can get the answer from the horse’s mouth? One of the best ways to test customer demand is with organic social media. There are many ways to go about this, so I’ll briefly cover three of the most accessible methods.

Forums or Communities:

Joining a Facebook group, a reddit community, or other dedicated forum for a specific niche can offer up valuable information that you can use to pick winning products. More often than not, these groups prohibit any form of self-promotion. 

For these groups, you need to be valuable and nuanced. Ask for feedback on the products you want to sell in a roundabout way. Something like,

“Hey folks, my back’s been hurting and I was looking at this spike mat I found. Anyone have experience with this?”

TikTok Organic:

Now this is a platform where you CAN be a little direct with your messaging, but I recommend a different approach. Really quickly, let’s talk about ‘Search Intent’. It’s an SEO term (you don’t need to know SEO… yet) that we can apply to better mold our approach.

There are four search intents you ought to be aware of:

Navigational: The user just wants to get to a specific page

Informational: The user wants to learn about something

Commercial: The user wants to buy something but wants more information first

Transactional: The user wants to take action, oftentimes a purchase

What we want to focus on is Informational, Commercial, and Transactional. Creating content on TikTok that feeds into these intents can help you mine user feedback and eventually funnel customers onto your store.

So depending on your product and niche, there’s a good chance that there exists an angle or a ‘hook’ that your customers are looking for. These hooks almost ALWAYS fall into the three search intents mentioned above.

For example, I tested a bunch of airsoft accessories via TikTok organic.

I created a “TEMU Airsoft Accessories Review” series (Informational/Commercial Intent) on TikTok when TEMU was trending. The video quality was by no means good. I filmed the shorts on my desk with my phone and did zero editing. Yet somehow, I averaged 2,000 - 5,000 views per short. All I did was give my honest opinion on whether or not you were getting a good deal on a specific accessory from TEMU.

Even with low production quality, the videos performed really well. What does that mean? There’s a demand for affordable, middle-of-the-road quality airsoft accessories. And anything you can find on TEMU, you can DEFINITELY find on Aliexpress or Zendrop = great opportunity for dropshipping.

So come up with an angle or a hook that appeals to your target audience, and create a TikTok series about your product or niche. Just make sure to use relevant hashtags that get a decent amount of traffic as this will boost your searchability.

Using Research Tools To Find Dropshipping Products

Up until now, we’ve explored many options that offer broad data as far as market research is concerned. This definitely can be enough to move onto the next step (Product Market Fit Testing), but would likely require some more elbow grease.

Leveraging the latest research tools and strategies can give you an edge in the dropshipping arena. We'll introduce cutting-edge tools and methodologies to streamline your product research, helping you make informed decisions backed by data.

Research tools are great because they take all of that manual research and automatically do it for you. I recommend using Minea since it’s easy to use and has a free plan that you can use to get started.

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Minea analyzes 200 million+ products across Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram to calculate trends, demand, and competition. You get pretty much all of your product research done for you, in one place. 

Here’s what you can get with Minea:

It essentially takes care of the entire research process for you, and it provides the numbers to back it up.

But once you’ve settled on one (or more) products, did your research, and have decided to move forward…

Should you have a single-product store, or a multi-product store? Though it may not seem like a big deal, this can actually make or break your dropshipping business idea.

Single-Product Stores vs. Multi-Product Stores

Choosing between a single-product or multi-product store is a critical decision. This section will help you weigh the pros and cons of each approach, guiding you towards the best fit for your business model and market goals. It’s important to note that one is not objectively better than the other. It is, however, important to know the differences between having a store with a bunch of products, and having a store with one product.

Customer sophistication has increased significantly over the past 5 or so years. A direct result is customers being able to spot a dropshipping store pretty much right away.

Dropshipping has incurred a bad reputation in recent years due to the influx of newcomers setting up poor quality stores with poor quality products and bottom tier customer service. In short, customers think dropshippers are scammers.

Things like low quality websites, missing pages, inconsistent product photos, and more can directly result in lost customers and sales.

My suggestion is for beginners to go for a multi-product store rather than a single-product store. There are many reasons why, but in short…

You can read up on a more in-depth explanation here.

Now That You Have Your Products, What Next?

Now that you have products you feel confident in, it’s time to test them for real. You’ll be taking your products and seeing if you can find Product Market Fit, or PMF.

This next phase will take all of your market research and determine how profitable your product can actually be. You’ll be testing different angles, hooks, audience profiles, and more to see where you can start mining for gold.

Remember, the world of dropshipping is dynamic and requires continuous learning and adaptation. Embrace the process of discovering new trends, understanding customer needs, and staying ahead of the market. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your existing strategy, the insights provided here will serve as a valuable resource on your path to ecommerce success.

So, take these learnings, apply them to your business, and watch as your dropshipping venture flourishes. With dedication, research, and the right approach, you're well on your way to finding those winning products that not only captivate your audience but also drive your business towards profitability and growth. Here’s to your success in the exciting world of dropshipping!


Finding Your Next Dropshipping Business Idea In 2024

Dropshipping in 2024 isn't just a business trend, it's a strategic quest for those aiming to carve out their place in a market worth billions. With the right approach and deep market insight, the maze of ecommerce can lead to lucrative destinations.

In this guide, I'll be covering 3 essential ideas that any successful dropshipper must consider if they want to find success:

  1. The niche they will operate in
  2. The SPECIFIC audience they will sell to
  3. The products they will test

Pick Dropshipping Products With Confidence

Before diving into product selection, let's first address why starting with a niche is critical. Understanding the importance of niche selection will guide us in avoiding common pitfalls and streamlining our path to finding winning products.

Picking a Profitable Niche For Winning Products

For starters, why should we even start with the niche at all?

Settling on a niche may feel like you’re limiting your choices, because you are. Limiting your options is actually a good thing, as having too many options will slow you down and perhaps even sabotage your successes. The ecommerce industry is massive, estimated to be around $3 Billion dollars. 

Focusing on a single, infinitesimally small slice of this pie will still net you millions of dollars while allowing you to corner an untapped market. This means less competition and more opportunities. Rather than trying to cast a large net, you’ll likely find more success by digging your heels into a specialized corner of the market.

You don’t HAVE to start with a niche to find a good product. Many experienced dropshippers will often find a product and figure out the niche and audience from there. However, for beginners, this can be a complex and daunting task. So I suggest starting with a niche.

Many beginners fall into the trap of selecting products before understanding their market. Let's explore why this approach is risky and how starting with a niche first helps in creating a more targeted and successful dropshipping strategy

Picking a Niche First Helps You Avoid a MASSIVE Newb Trap

Unfortunately, many beginners tend to gravitate towards a ‘pick a product and find someone to sell it to’ method. This method is a trap. On the surface, it makes logical sense and offers itself as a fairly straightforward methodology.

You come across a product that you like, and because you like it so much, you assume that tons of other people will like it just as much as you. You ask your friends and family about the product, but because humans tend to surround themselves with other humans who share similar interests and values…

You’ll end up getting a lot of positive feedback. This positive feedback fuels your excitement for this product, and it’ll make you feel like it’s a guaranteed win. This is a dangerous mental state to be in. Remember, YOUR opinions and preferences DO NOT reflect the opinions and preferences of the general public. 

When you take a product-first approach, you’ll inevitably have to figure out WHO to sell your products to. Many folks carry the mindset of “well everyone around me likes the product, so surely people are dying to buy.”

They’ll start their store, maybe throw some ads up, get zero sales, and then quit while touting that dropshipping doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the idea that “if you build it, they will come” just doesn’t fly anymore. You need more than gut feeling and high expectations. What you need is direction. Planning. Structure. With the product-first approach, you’re essentially working backwards in a blind haze trying to figure out what market will be the most profitable for you.

What problem does this product solve? Who has this problem? What are these people like? Do these people really NEED this product? Will this audience even buy this product?

And many times, you’ll find that what you THOUGHT was a winning product is actually a dud. Sure people might like it, but liking something and buying something are two totally different milestones.

What if they like it but have no money? What if they like it, but don’t see it replacing something they already use? What if they like it, but it’s more accessible on Amazon? There are a million factors as to why a product might flop, but in the product-first approach, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money just to find out that your item was a dud.

I’m not saying that a product-first approach is doomed to failure. In fact, many expert dropshippers take this approach because they’ve developed an eye for winning products. This approach is not very beginner-friendly given the reasons I mentioned above. But if you are taking this route, you’ll have to pay extra close attention to understanding your audience and really honing in on the demographic you want to sell your product to.

Because something like [Mid-30s, male, likes to go hiking, working professional] isn’t good enough. There are brands that enter a saturated niche, and then commit so hard to a highly specific sliver of that market, that they find immense success. Think about brands that go all in on seemingly strange angles like “all-pink clothes” or “edgy boxed water”.

Now that we understand the value of the niche-first approach, let's delve into how beginners can identify the perfect dropshipping niche that aligns with their interests and market demands.

Picking The Perfect Dropshipping Niche For Beginners

There are several methods you can use to find a profitable niche for yourself. But in all honesty, perhaps the most effective way to go about this is also the most simple. Simply answer the following two questions:

  1. Do you have any hobbies, passions, interests, or any topics you want to learn more about?
  2. Do these things have communities and passionate participants?

It’s much easier for you to find winning products in a market that you’re either already familiar with, or have an interest in. Starting with a market where you yourself are the target demographic gives you a unique insight into what potential customers are thinking.

After all, it would be easier for a basketball player to find out what makes a good pair of basketball shoes versus a tennis racket.

How does your product fit into your customer’s life? What problem does this solve for your customer? What desires does it appeal to? How is it different from its competitors?

Picking a niche that you’re already familiar with can help you answer these questions really easily, and in doing so, help you find a winning product. The idea is to take what you already know and build on top of it with structured market research so you can make an informed decision. 

In fact, you may already be involved with various clubs, groups, forums, or chat rooms full of potential customers. You’re not selling anything to them yet, and you might not ever sell anything to them directly, but…

Image of hobbies and interests

These areas are a treasure trove of information regarding their wants, problems, and needs. Just by interacting with these folks, you’ll start getting ideas for winning products. After all, your potential customers are directly telling you what they need.

Arvid Kahl, in his book The Embedded Entrepreneur, further explores how you can better understand your customers to maximize your profits.

But in short, start joining communities for the niche you want to operate in. Be a helpful member, get your name out there, and just be a productive member of that community. It could be in Facebook groups, Discord servers, online forums, in-person clubs, or chat rooms. Every once in a while, you can also ask questions like “Has anyone ever used [product you want to sell] for [problem you’re trying to solve]?”

That way, you can get direct feedback from your target customers. 

Here’s An Example: The Airsoft Niche

As an avid airsofter, I know that getting started in the hobby is an unexpectedly overwhelming endeavor. At first glance, it seems like all you need to get started is a replica airsoft gun and some goggles. The uninitiated dropshipper might try to sell some goggles and some airsoft replicas on their store without knowing that NOBODY will ever buy anything from their store.


Because airsoft goggles have a VERY specific specification for safety reasons. If goggles aren’t rated ANSI Z87+, most airsoft fields will deny the player entry.

What about airsoft replicas? Surely they’re all the same one way or another, right? Cheap airsoft replicas that don’t come from well-known manufacturers are known to break, have build quality issues, battery issues, and performance problems. Since many beginners are usually under the age of 18, the last thing you want on your hands is an exploding battery or some other issue that can open you up to lawsuits.

So what CAN you sell to beginner airsofters or people looking to get into the hobby?

Well I can speak from experience that getting into the hobby is frustrating because of the lack of consistent information regarding fields, how to play, cost of gear, and inconsistent recommendations for equipment beyond just your replica and your goggles.

For me, the marketing angle I would take, the niche I would pick, and the products I would sell are crystal clear.

Notice how starting with a niche I’m knowledgeable of has already given me the direction I need to hone in on a winning product? These are problems that I know many many people struggle with, so I know that I want my product to be the solution.

My idea is to sell a starter pack bundle with the following items:

It’s not really ONE product, but you follow the logic, right?

I already have my niche: airsoft.

I already have my specific audience: beginners or people looking to get into the hobby.

I already know what problems they have: the frustration of not having a single source of truth for all things airsoft.

And I already know how I’m going to test this product to market.

If this doesn’t work, I can easily mine this audience for more ideas. In fact, I can go even deeper into the audience demographic. I could specifically tailor the messaging to target parents who have kids that want to get into airsoft. A starter pack would save time, money, and headache for already busy parents.

Also as a disclaimer, I already know that this idea has legs (I haven’t executed on it yet, so it’s up for grabs) because I tested all of the individual products via TikTok Organic.

With a clear idea of our niche, the next step is to define our customer avatar. Knowing exactly who we're selling to is crucial for tailoring our products and marketing efforts effectively.

Honing In On Your Customer Avatar

Your customer avatar, otherwise known as the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a description of the type of customer that’ll make you the most money. At the beginning stages, most of this information will be inferred. As you start making more sales and getting more customers, you’ll have to make changes to your ICP to better represent your most profitable customers.

Anyways, now that you have your niche, you should get to defining your customer avatar. At first glance, this may seem like a simple endeavor, but having a fleshed out ICP will mold your marketing and messaging, leading to more sales.

The key here is to get as specific as possible when outlining your customer avatar. This can get pretty long and complex, so rather than have you read through another long block of text, here’s an ICP Worksheet you can download to help get started.

Click here to download the ICP Worksheet

Not all of the fields will be relevant to your specific niche, but try to fill it out the best you can. It’s not an all-encompassing worksheet, just something to help you get started.

In the meantime, let’s take the airsoft example from before. There are tons of people who fall under the airsoft niche. Everyone from military veterans to 10 year-old kids. Obviously, I can’t sell something that’ll appeal to everyone in this niche. It’s just impossible.

That’s why I narrowed it down to beginners or folks looking to start airsoft. However, despite narrowing it down, there are still some issues. First of all, “beginner airsofter” can be anyone of any age, so I have to carefully define what these separate demographics are.

Presumably, the largest demographics are as follows:

  1. Kids who want to play airsoft
  2. Young adults who want to play airsoft
  3. Veterans who want to play airsoft
  4. Church groups who want to schedule an airsoft outing
  5. Office workers who want to schedule an airsoft outing

I can immediately rule out Groups 4 and 5. This demographic is interested in one-off events, with very few of them likely to commit to airsoft long-term. Chances are, they’ll get a bundle discount with a local airsoft field for rentals.

Group 3 I can probably rule out. Veterans will likely already have much of the gear they need to get started. All they really need is an airsoft rifle, goggles, and a metal mesh mask– only one of which I’m willing to dropship due to safety concerns with quality control regarding goggles and airsoft rifles.

So that leads me to Groups 1 and 2. And as mentioned before in my example, I can simply target both of these groups with my starter bundle at the same time. With young adults, the messaging can be very simple. “Want to get started with airsoft, but don’t know where to start? Get our starter pack.”

Group 1 is a little more complex, but not too bad. Firstly, kids don’t have disposable income, so I wouldn’t be targeting them specifically. No, I would be targeting the decision maker, aka their parents. The messaging can be simple, but the more specific you can get with their pain points, the more likely you are to sell.

So for Group 1, I’d target the parent’s frustrations. Things like…

And all this culminates in messaging that revolves around something like,

“Airsoft Starter Bundle for kids, everything you need to make sure your child has maximum fun while being protected from eye injuries, scrapes, bruises, and more. Free PDF guide for how-to-play, how to choose an airsoft gun, and what to look for in airsoft fields.”

So don’t underestimate your customer avatar. You’d be surprised at how clear your decision-making becomes when you know EXACTLY who you’re selling to.

Having identified our niche and understood our customer avatar, we are now in a prime position to conduct product research. Let's explore how to find products that not only avoid failure but have the potential to thrive in our chosen market.

Finding Your Perfect Product

As we conclude, remember that the journey to finding your next dropshipping business idea in 2024 hinges on thorough preparation, from selecting the right niche to understanding your audience and choosing the right products. 

Each step is a building block towards a successful dropshipping business. By embracing a strategic approach and focusing on market research, you can navigate the competitive landscape of ecommerce with confidence. Remember, in dropshipping, your knowledge of the niche, understanding of your customers, and the quality of your product selection are the keys to your success. Embark on this journey with these insights in hand, and you'll be well-equipped to find success in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

Something interesting to add, unique spins on your niche can also greatly influence your product line. Think about brands that go all in on seemingly strange angles like “all-pink clothes” or “edgy boxed water”. Fast fashion and water are incredibly saturated niches with intense competition, but by taking a weird spin on the niche, brands like Juicy Couture and Liquid Death have found immense success.

So if you want to learn more about how you can find the perfect dropshipping product, click here to learn more.

Are Customers Experiencing Dropshipping Fatigue? Maintain Credibility With Multi-Product Stores

In 2024, with many customers experiencing dropshipping fatigue (a phenomenon driven by an influx of sellers employing questionable practices), establishing dropshipping credibility is necessary to attract new customers.

In this article, I'll be covering the following topics:

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Single-Product Stores vs. Multi-Product Stores

Before we begin, it’s highly recommended that beginners focus on one niche for their brand so as not to overcomplicate their first foray into dropshipping. This will also make creating a professional-looking dropshipping store much easier.

Between single-product stores and multi-product stores, neither model is inherently better than the other. However, a multi-product store comes with many benefits that beginners would find very attractive. In many cases, Multi-product store lends more credibility to your brand. To stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce landscape, it's essential to understand dropshipping strategies that resonate with customers and foster trust.

Let's examine the pros and cons of each model to better grasp how they fit into the current market scenario.

Single-Product Stores

Pros Cons
  • Simple to start
  • Very little long-term value
  • Only need to focus on one item
  • More likely for low AOV
  • Simplified management
  • Perceived low value of store and item
  • Streamlined supply chain
  • No insurance against competition saturation
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Ads get ran to one product only, inefficient ROAS
  • Obvious Dropshipping giveaway

The rise of multi-product stores in the dropshipping domain is a strategic response to combat the prevalent issue of avoiding dropshipping scams.

Multi-Product Stores

Pros Cons
  • Multiple products to run ads to (capture residual sales)
  • More upfront work
  • Looks like a legitimate store
  • Need to populate catalog with more items
  • Great for long-term value and scalability
  • Potential for complex fulfillment
  • Perceived High value of store and catalog
  • Need to have rock-solid suppliers
  • Market new products to the audience you’ve built
  • More complex systems and logistics
  • Great potential for High AOV
  • Protected against competition and oversaturation

At first glance, the single-product store seems like a great place to start for beginners. Don’t get me wrong, many expert dropshippers find massive success with single-product stores. However, they come with their own set of challenges. 

Let's explore these often-overlooked pitfalls that could hinder the growth of new entrants into dropshipping.

The Unseen Beginner Traps With Single-Product Stores

Many beginners will likely spend much of their time looking for viable products and testing potential winners. With enough time and experience, you’ll begin to develop a sense for what makes a winning product, allowing you to save time and money.

Read more on How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products In 2024

But until then, you’ll face various challenges when looking for winning products. Single-product stores are practically one-and-done type deals, whether for better or for worse. Imagine the following scenario:

Example 1:

You’ve just discovered a product that you think will do really well. You design a logo, create a brand name, build a store, register all the social media profiles for your product, and order a sample for you to inspect in real life. That’s at least three weeks of your time. Not to mention the financial costs of registering a domain, getting a Shopify account, and logo and brand design.

You finally decided to test the product. So you start filming TikTok content, designing graphical creatives, and making all the assets you need to run ads on Meta and TikTok. You could easily spend over $200 during this phase.

From here, you have two outcomes: either the product flops or it succeeds. In the case that it fails, you have to find a new product. That means creating a new store, designing a new logo, coming up with a new brand name, registering a new domain, coming up with new social accounts, ordering a new sample, and more. That’s new subscription fees, a new Meta Pixel, and a new Meta Business account.

And if the product succeeds, what then? You scale the product as much as you can before you inevitably hit a wall. At which point, you realize that to grow, you either have to add new products to the store, or start a new one. Or what if your product becomes saturated, what then? Do you have to abandon your store?

Single-product stores carry many long-term disadvantages that beginners just aren’t equipped to deal with.

On the other side of the spectrum, multi-product stores offer a different set of advantages and challenges. Here’s why beginners might find them more advantageous in the long run.

Why Beginners Should Consider Multi-Product Stores

On the flip side, Multi-product stores are not as complicated as many beginners might think. The biggest misconception is that a multi-product store will require much more work to get started than a single-product store. To an extent, this is true. After all, more products means more descriptions and pages.

However, it’s not really THAT much more work. You can always copy and paste existing product pages, and with the advent of AI tools like or ChatGPT, you can generate first drafts for product descriptions.

In many ways, a multi-product store has all the pros of a single-product store and very few of the cons.  Let’s go back to the hypothetical scenario in Example 1. With a multi-product store, pretty much all of those obstacles become easy to address. Let’s say your product fails, forcing you to look for a new one. 

Unlike with the single-product store, you DON’T have to create a new store, design a new logo, come up with a new brand name, register a new domain, come up with new social accounts, pay for new Shopify subscription fees, get a new Meta Pixel, and have Facebook approve a new Meta Business account. You can skip all the tedious logistical tasks and get right to testing your new product. On top of that, you can still leave your old product on the store to capture residual sales.

Essentially, you’re using your multi-product store like you’re testing a single-product store! On top of that, you get the added benefit of having multiple items on your catalog, showcasing your store as a professional brand. In the case your product gets too saturated, you don’t have to abandon your store and existing audience. You can announce your new product to your existing customers, giving you free advertising and a boost to sales.

As dropshipping for beginners becomes more popular, it's critical to address the dropshipping fatigue issue by creating a customer-centric shopping experience. Before concluding, let's consider some essential tips for both aspiring and seasoned dropshippers. These insights will help you make informed decisions, whether you opt for a single-product or a multi-product store.

Essential Ecommerce Tips for Beginners and Parting Thoughts

Regardless of what sort of store you decide to start, remember that success comes with effort and research. Just remember the following:

As we wrap up, it's clear that the path to dropshipping success is nuanced and requires a thoughtful approach. Whether you choose a single-product or a multi-product store, the key lies in consistent effort, thorough research, and an understanding of current market dynamics. Ecommerce customer trust is the new currency in the digital age, and multi-product stores offer a blueprint for building that trust effectively.

By embracing flexibility, staying attuned to customer perceptions, and continuously adapting your strategies, you can overcome dropshipping fatigue and build a credible, thriving business. Remember, in the world of ecommerce, authenticity and quality always stand out.

Make sure to check out How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products In 2024 so you can find dropshipping success in 2024.

Hone in On Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – Download Our Comprehensive Worksheet

Finding dropshipping success starts with three things:

This is where an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) becomes invaluable. Our ICP Worksheet is crafted to help you dissect and digest the intricate details of your target market. By honing in on your ICP, you can align your product offerings, tailor your messaging, and ensure that your marketing campaigns resonate deeply with the prospects most likely to convert.

Why Focus on Your Ideal Customer Profile?

In a world saturated with generic marketing messages, specificity is king. The more you know about who you're selling to, the more you can personalize their experience. This isn’t just about demographics. This is about psychographics, buying behaviors, pain points, and aspirations. Our ICP Worksheet will guide you through:

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Empower Your Marketing with Precision and Clarity

Your ideal customer is out there waiting to discover your brand. With our ICP Worksheet, you’re one step closer to making that connection that not only elevates your customer's experience but also propels your brand to new heights.

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As you stand at the threshold of dropshipping success in 2024, remember that the key to unlocking this door lies in meticulous preparation, strategic product selection, and a deep understanding of your customer base. With the insights and techniques shared in this guide, you are now equipped to navigate the exciting world of e-commerce with confidence and precision.

But don't stop here. To solidify your foundation in this competitive arena, further enhance your knowledge by exploring our detailed guides on How to Pick Winning Products and How to Pick a Niche. These resources are designed to complement the wisdom you've gained here, offering you a holistic approach to crafting a thriving dropshipping business.

Embrace this journey with the tools and strategies you need to flourish. By continuing to educate yourself and applying these principles, you'll not only identify the best products to captivate your audience but also carve out a niche that's uniquely yours.