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Imagine earning commission on thousands of dropshipping store sales?! Not only do you receive a commission on every Zendrop PRO membership you facilitate, but you receive lifetime commission on every sale from your referrals’ dropshipping stores!

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Become a pioneer in the dropshipping space by referring new users to our PRO membership - no fees or minimum sales.

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Help grow Zendrop’s global user base. When your visitors click a link and sign up to Zendrop PRO, you make money.

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Earn 25% commission on new PRO member sign-ups and 1% commission on each store revenue through your unique link.

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Get Support Every Step of the Way

Zendrop is committed to the success of our affiliates.
Our affiliate program offers industry-leading commission and is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

Get priority Zendrop Partner support at any time via email or live chat. You’ll get access to exclusive resources and key product information to help you convert your referral traffic.

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Ready to Join the World’s Best Affiliate Program?

Experience the many benefits of becoming a Zendrop affiliate! Zendrop is a rapidly growing company with over 100,000 sign ups. With e-commerce poised for growth on the horizon, it’s time you got your piece of the pie promoting the Zendrop platform.

Our team will carefully review your application. If approved, you’ll receive access to education, support, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate link to track each referral.

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Who can earn money with the Zendrop Affiliate Program?

At Zendrop, we believe that dropshipping is for everyone. And so is our affiliate program! Whether you are an agency owner, influencer, blogger, or website developer, you can be apart of the wave of change in terms of how the world views eCommerce and dropshipping.
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Marketing Agency Owners

You are an agency owner with clients in the dropshipping space or who want to explore adding more products to their product catalog without holding inventory.

Social Media Influencers

You are an online creator on a social media platform such as Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube.


You are a blogger or media outlet with traffic to your website that is interested in starting or actively has an online store.

Website Developer

You are a Shopify website designer with clients looking to enter or currently in the dropshipping space.

Benefits of Becoming a Zendrop Affiliate

Zendrop prides itself in the community that we've created in the eCommerce space,
and there are many benefits that make our community great!
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Passive Income

Join the Zendrop Affiliate program and start earning passive income now. No contracts required!

Zendrop Assets

Gain access to a library of graphics, copy, and other relevant Zendrop assets to share with your audience.

Affiliate Support

Reach out to our World Class Support Team at any time to get all your questions answered.

Exclusive Access

Be the first to know about new Zendrop features and share them with your audience.

Affiliate Quick Start Guide

If you are already a Zendrop affiliate,
please check our quick start guide of how to get started making affiliate commissions!