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Dropshipping For Beginners
March 24, 2022

When you’re first getting started in the world of dropshipping, it can feel pretty overwhelming.

There are a lot of moving parts, and it’s not always clear what’s profitable, what’s not, and what you need to know before you get started.

So today, we’re going to jump into all of your most frequently asked questions and get clear on exactly what you need to do to build a successful ecom empire!

How Much Do You Need To Get Started With Dropshipping?

While costs can vary, you’ll need to make sure you budget for a good dropshipping app, an ecommerce platform, ads, and branding. To start with, you need at least $500 to launch your business successfully.

How Do Dropshippers Earn Income?

In short, dropshippers act as middlemen, selling a product directly from a supplier. They have to factor in marketing costs, overhead costs and product costs, before they make any profit.

To make a profit, dropshippers mark up their products when they sell them in their store.

It’s important to know your market, your audience and how much money you’re making on each product- so you can ensure you’re running at a profit and not a loss!

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Yes, absolutely! As long as you are running your business legally according to state and federal laws, dropshipping itself is merely a fulfillment model- and is perfectly legal.

Focus on building an upstanding brand, with clear branding and great customer support, and you’ll be able to scale and grow.

Consult with a lawyer to make sure you are following all laws regarding business practices and taxes, to ensure you are not making any careless errors.

Is It Possible To Dropship On Amazon?

Of course! Dropshipping on Amazon is a viable way to grow an ecommerce business. However, as margins are slimmer on Amazon, it might be worth considering establishing your own website or store and driving traffic directly to your products- depending on your goals!

What’s the difference between dropshipping and retail arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage refers to any instance where you resell products bought from other retailers and make a profit from this sale. Dropshipping is when you purchase directly from a wholesaler, and never actually handle the product- your supplier ships directly to your customer.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable In 2022?

While any business model takes hard work and effort to succeed, dropshipping is absolutely a viable option to build a successful business and grow your online presence!

If you’re interested in dropshipping, make sure you arm yourself with the RIGHT tools and information, to give yourself the best chance of success.

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