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Three Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Dropshippers NEED to Sell
April 30, 2024

As is the case with every year, this year’s Mother’s Day is bound to have husbands, sons, and daughters scrambling to find the perfect gift for mom.

Just last year, it was estimated that Americans spent $35.7 BILLION on Mother’s Day gifts, and spending is expected to stay roughly the same in 2024. So how can you, the dropshipper, help these people find the “Perfect Present” for mom?

Over the last 30 days, our product specialists have monitored over a hundred products to select the top 3, best performing Mother’s Day gifts that you need to sell this year.

In this article, I’ll be showcasing the three gift ideas alongside a brief explanation why these products are so hot right now.

What is the best gift to give on Mother's Day?

One of the most important things to keep in mind for Mother’s Day is the emotion. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are very heartfelt occasions. When picking a product, we have to consider what will make the day truly special for mom. 

Gifts that cater to her interests, provide relaxation, or signify appreciation are typically well-received. As a dropshipper, you should remember to look for unique, customizable, or pampering products that offer a personal touch. If you can’t add a pampering touch, consider bundling a smaller item that can be customized or engraved.

Our top Mother's Day gift picks of 2024:

Clear Book Vase

Image of the clear book-shaped vase gift idea

This is for all the moms who love tending to plants and gardens. If you run a home decor or home goods store, this is a fantastic item to add to your catalog. My suggestion? Pair it with some aesthetically minimalist book-ends. 

With a minimalist book-end, you can place the vase on a shelf next to some books without risk of falling over. This is a great angle for avid readers and book lovers.

So why does this gift idea work?

At its core, this gift is a great fusion of “Wow Factor” and functionality. It’s aesthetically pleasing while being useful to a specific type of person. People who grow plants or read books treat their hobbies with a lot of passion.

This gift hits both of those passions. And on the side, it also hits the demographic that just like having cool decorative items in their home. According to our research, this gift idea is starting to trend on social media, so it’s a good time to ride the wave.

Self-Stirring Cup 

Image of the self-stirring cup gift idea for mother's day

This one is a great last minute mother's day gift. So, generally speaking, there’s a pretty popular culture surrounding travel cups. We’ve all seen the recent trends with Stanley Cups, right? This obviously isn’t a Stanley Cup, but it IS a unique travel cup that both looks nice and serves a useful purpose. 

Coffee, teas, protein shakes, and all manner of drinks that require stirring or shaking suddenly become more travel-friendly. This is a great gift for the mom-on-the-go.

So why does this gift idea work?

This gift definitely combines “Wow Factor” and functionality. It’s not super aesthetic, but it certainly is useful. Consider it to be an all-purpose gift that just works for any occasion. It’s why we call it the perfect last minute gift.

According to our product experts, this gift has some competitors, so it’s best to either go very aggressive with your marketing, or take a very unique approach.

Chin Contouring Mask 

Image of the chin contouring mask gift idea

This gift is unique, and isn’t for everyone. When it comes to customer demand, it’s important to take into consideration the specific use of a product. Some products will appeal to a lot of people, some products won’t.

This chin contouring mask will really only appeal to a specific type of mom. BUT, if you can really hone in on the demographic, they’ll REALLY like it. Or who knows, maybe it’ll work for all kinds of moms looking to slim their face and contour their jawline.

My recommendation? This gift will probably work best for daughters looking to share a useful, immediately actionable anti-aging gift.

So why does this gift idea work?

This gift hones in almost entirely on pure function. However, because it solves a very common and powerful fear (the fear of age and loss of beauty) it has the potential to sell out very fast. The demographic that would love this gift are very passionate about their outward appearance.

We highly recommend pairing this gift with other beauty and self-care products as a Mother’s Day bundle to maximize perceived value and average cart value.

What is bought most for mother’s Day

Of course, these are just three gift ideas amongst thousands of potential gifts. Generally speaking, popular Mother’s Day gifts consist of flowers, jewelry, and special outings. However, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of personalized gifts, home decor, and wellness products as well.

We highly encourage our users to look through the Zendrop catalog to find products to sell for Mother’s Day.

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